Crafty Merlins
Darlington, DL3 7QL

Crafty Merlins
Darlington, DL3 7QL

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Linfit - Nelson Sauvin

Nelson Sauvin - 3.9%

Nelson Sauvin


3.9% abv

The new kid on the block, a West Coast style pale ale; the bitterness is laid down with a blend of First Gold and Challenger, the late addition of Nelson Sauvin hops provides a crisp, clean finish. A modern session ale at 3.9%.

Lord's - Ape Mafia American IPA

Ape Mafia American IPA - 4.2%

Ape Mafia American IPA


4.2% abv

A beautiful crisp, hazy American IPA that just oozes flavour. Brewed using the finest American hops and yeast.

Lord's - The Bandon Car

The Bandon Car - 4.8%

The Bandon Car


4.8% abv

This well-balanced porter is rich and satisfying, with a roasted edge and a sweet lingering aftertaste. Our tribute to County Cork. Vegan friendly.

Craft Keg Available

52 Degrees - Soho Loop

Soho Loop - 4.1%

Soho Loop

52 Degrees

4.1% abv

A perfect English pale ale. A mix of fruity, earthy, hoppy, buttery and malty aromas and flavours from all English ingredients.

Play - Bear Hug

Bear Hug - 6%

Bear Hug


6% abv

Imagine a handful of gummy bear sweets and throwing them into a beer. Well, that's what we've done here but with real fruit representing each colour of gummy bear. Orange, cherry, raspberry, strawberry and lemon will embrace your taste buds in the fuzziest of ways.

McColl's - Kiki

Kiki - 6.5%



6.5% abv

This Cold IPA is brewed with flaked rice and wheat and dry hopped with massive punchy hops. Fermented like a lager, clean and bitter but with punchy peach and tropical fruit hop aromas and a refreshing crispy backbone. Collaboration with Docks Beers.

McColl's - Let's Eat Pies And Talk About Men's Mental Health

Let's Eat Pies And Talk About Men's Mental Health - 3.6%

Let's Eat Pies And Talk About Men's Mental Health


3.6% abv

A traditional Bitter, relatively low in alcohol at 3.6%, cold filtered through a blend of crushed black and white pepper, and purposefully created to perfectly accompany a lush pie. Brewed in collaboration with Men's Pie Club, to help tackle social isolation across Newcastle upon Tyne.

Sleeper, Lord's - Lager

Lager - 4%


Sleeper, Lord's

4% abv

Award winning on its first outing, this premium lager takes 8 weeks to mature. Light crisp and clean. If you're a mass produced lager fan this is our gateway beer into the world of craft. Gently hopped and totally smashable on a summers day. Hops: Styrian and Dana. Vegan friendly.

Ciders & Perries Available

Seacider - Blood Orange

Blood Orange - 4%

Blood Orange


4% abv

Made with real blood oranges and blended with Seacider Medium, this cider is refreshing and packed with flavour.

Lilley's - Apple & Blackberry

Apple & Blackberry - 4%

Apple & Blackberry


4% abv

Expertly blended crisp Somerset cider with apple and blackberry juice. Conjuring memories of apple and blackberry crumbles.

Black Sheep - Bobby Horn's Easy Apple Cider

Bobby Horn's Easy Apple Cider - 4.7%

Bobby Horn's Easy Apple Cider

Black Sheep

4.7% abv

Premium session cider that is a unique Black Sheep blend using 100% British apples. It packs higher juice content than a lot of other brands on the market, which delivers genuine enhanced flavour and bite. It's medium dry with a refreshing initial sweetness which leads to a crisp, dry refreshing finish from the classic apple blend.


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Crafty Merlins is in the Darlington CAMRA branch area.