Crafty Beggars Ale House
Preston, PR2 9RX

Crafty Beggars Ale House
Preston, PR2 9RX

Cask beers available

Cask beers available

Boom Juice - 3.6%

Boom Juice


3.6% abv

Deliciously fruity tropical pale with deceptive robustness for a 3.6% abv beer. The fruity Rakau hops combined with Waimea and dry hopped with Cascade create a wonderful summer pale.

Garden Of Death - 7%

Garden Of Death

Bone Machine

7% abv

This is a full flavoured, deep and aromatic example of the New England IPA style, with our own unique twist to it – bold flavours and a heavy emphasis on aroma, this is a tangy, fruity and wonderfully smooth IPA for those who like their beer with depth, character and a dry finish that frankly leaves you craving for more.

Godrevi Saison - 5%

Godrevi Saison


5% abv

A Cornish take on a Belgian farmhouse classic, our Godrevi Saison is dry, smooth and refreshing with a pithy orange taste and that funky saison flavour you'd expect.

Beggars Bitter - 4.2%

Beggars Bitter


4.2% abv

Awaiting tastings notes from brewer.

Pravha - 4%



4% abv

A draught premium lager that has all the iconic flavour and gentle bitterness of a high quality Czech pilsner, but is unexpectedly crisp, light and refreshing.

Craft Keg available

Thumper - 3.9%


Gipsy Hill

3.9% abv

It's a chocolate milk stout, conditioned on cacao nibs with added lactose. It's got big, rich chocolate flavours. A collaboration with CGBG, the craft beer Meetup group.

Pale - 4.5%



4.5% abv

Clean and crisp pale with a burst of orange from the lead hop Amarillo. West Coast Pale is our homage to the West Coast styles that dawned a new era in world brewing and inspired us to start brewing.

Budvar Original - 5%

Budvar Original


5% abv

Brewed and matured for 102 days, about 7 times longer than most other beers and using the finest ingredients: Moravian Malt, Whole cone Saaz hops, Artesian water from a Glacial well directly underneath the brewery and our own strain of yeast. This beer is perfectly balanced and remains independently owned by the Czech people.

Ciders & Perries available

Draught Cider - 6%

Draught Cider


6% abv

A still, dry cider made with a blend of apple varieties. Traditional cloudy cider with a flavour of bitter-sweet apples.

Classic Draught Cider - 5.5%

Classic Draught Cider


5.5% abv

A crisp, fruity, lightly sparkling hand crafted cider. One of our most popular products, it is blended to perfection using traditional Somerset apples.

Coming Soon

Indie - 4.2%



4.2% abv

An accessible and approachable Pale Ale made independently in Scotland. Stripped back and sessionable, this is craft beer for the people. Light hints of pear and banana sit on a caramel and biscuit malt backbone. Suitable for any occasion, this easy going pale ale is ready to rock when you, or anyone else, is.

Single Hopped Azacca - 4.3%

Single Hopped Azacca

Cotswold Spring

4.3% abv

Pure Cotswold spring water and speciality Munich malts give a rich malty, bread crust flavour and subtle complexity, giving a solid foundation for the mango, orange and pine flavours of the America Azacca hops.

Pump Up The Jam - 5%

Pump Up The Jam

Tiny Rebel

5% abv

A Jam Doughnut Pale Ale combining the sweet jam flavours with a sweet bready malt base. It’s a jam doughnut in a pint glass. Imagine the best of a jam doughnut with the best of a beer.

Loco Juice - 4.2%

Loco Juice


4.2% abv

An easy drinking pale ale brewed with Cascade and Magnum in the boil, we then dry hop this juicy tropical pale with Chinook and Citra before adding pure mango and pineapple extract. Vegan friendly.

Millionaire - 4.7%


Wild Beer

4.7% abv

Sometimes a drink can make you feel so decadent it's like you're a millionaire; this beer wraps you in a velvety cocoon, dresses you in a smart suit and takes you out for a special night on the tiles. Sweet and salty collide in this rich, balanced and smooth dessert stout. Lactose, caramel and high quality Valrhona cocoa nibs provide a chocolate and caramel backbone alongside the roasty malts whilst the Cornish Sea Salts gives a savoury salty kick, raising this beautiful beer above the norm.

Sanwald Hefe Weizen - 4.9%

Sanwald Hefe Weizen


4.9% abv

An unfiltered and natural top-fermenting wheat beer with an inimitable fresh and aromatic taste.

Moonstrips - 5% (keg)

Moonstrips (keg)

Edinburgh Beer Factory

5% abv

World's best smoked beer. Classic Bavarian wheat beer is given a smouldering edge with the addition of peat-smoked malt.

Amber Lager - 4.3% (keg)

Amber Lager (keg)

Seven Bro7hers

4.3% abv

This is a lager that tastes as it should, full of flavour and aroma, with a slight malt sweetness followed by a distinct dry finish, this isnt your average lager.

Da Rockwilder - 4.5% (keg)

Da Rockwilder (keg)

Three Fiends

4.5% abv

A light, crisp heavily Citra hopped Kolsch. If you like lager, you should like this!

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