Coopers Tavern
Burton-on-Trent, DE14 1EG

Coopers Tavern
Burton-on-Trent, DE14 1EG

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Bristol Beer Factory - Dune Twist

Dune Twist - 5%

Dune Twist

Bristol Beer Factory

5% abv

Two absolute weapons come together for an all-hop-no-filler US / NZ IPA. Flying over the Pacific to New Zealand with its flagship Nelson Sauvin taking the lead. We know it, we love it, wine-inspired crisp and fresh. Back to the West Coast of the US El Dorado takes this over the dune to the beach with tropical citrus overtones.

Three Acre - Skylark Stout

Skylark Stout - 4.6%

Skylark Stout

Three Acre

4.6% abv

Deep, dark and velvety smooth. Skylark is our second cask stout, with rich flavours of roasted chestnut, coffee, and cocoa. Vegan friendly.

Tiny Rebel - Park Life

Park Life - 4.2%

Park Life

Tiny Rebel

4.2% abv

A cask session pale ale using a combination of Cascade, Citra and Ekuanot hops. Pine and citrus notes combined with a light floral touch will see drinkers sipping on the session time and time again. A crystal clear golden colour will make it appealing to even those most traditional of cask consumers.

Joule's - Citra Blonde

Citra Blonde - 3.8%

Citra Blonde


3.8% abv

A continentally inspired beer, which is wonderfully light, delicate, hoppy, subtle and at 3.8% still very satisfying, rounded off with a subtle malt and bold citrus character. Brewed with spring water and no less than 3 hop and 3 malt varieties.

Joule's - Pale Ale

Pale Ale - 4.1%

Pale Ale


4.1% abv

Brewed with a blend of crystal malt providing a biscuity base and tipple malt providing a malty sweet caramel flavour. The crisp, clear finish is provided by our local mineral water. Our special blend of hop flower gives the fruity, well rounded bitterness and slightly spicy aroma.

Carlsberg Marston's - Bass Premium Ale

Bass Premium Ale - 4.4%

Bass Premium Ale

Carlsberg Marston's

4.4% abv

Draught Bass is still brewed to an original recipe using only the finest ingredients and the experience of generations. It is brewed with two strains of yeast to produce a complex nutty, malty taste with subtle hop undertones, which has widespread appeal to repertoire drinkers.

Craft Keg Available

Tiny Rebel - Easy Livin'

Easy Livin' - 4.3%

Easy Livin'

Tiny Rebel

4.3% abv

Easy going citrusy session pale to kick back with.

Joule's - Hawaii Five-Joe

Hawaii Five-Joe - 5%

Hawaii Five-Joe


5% abv

Aromas of tropical fruit and zesty hops burst from the beer, malty and fruity sweetness gives way to a balanced bitterness and a lingering pineapple and mango finish.

Joule's - Green Monkey Lager

Green Monkey Lager - 4.3%

Green Monkey Lager


4.3% abv

Brewed with pure mineral water and the finest malt and hops. Clean and fruity with a good bitter-sweet taste, unlike lesser 'Lager' beers it is stored (laagered) for twice the amount of time to naturally achieve its sparkling, CRISP FLAVOUR. With some sweetness on the nose and with delicate floral notes.

Ciders & Perries Available

Lilley's - Crazy Goat

Crazy Goat - 6.8%

Crazy Goat


6.8% abv

A medium sweet mix of perry and cider expertly blended giving it a mouth-watering juicy flavour.

Broadoak - Purple Haze

Purple Haze - 4%

Purple Haze


4% abv

A dark fruit cloudy cider bursting with flavour.

Lilley's - Mango

Mango - 4%



4% abv

Smooth and sophisticated mango cider made with an ample portion of mango juice and Somerset cider.

Aspall - Cyder

Cyder - 4.5%



4.5% abv

Made in the Aspall house style by blending culinary and bittersweet apple varieties such as Cox and Russet to deliver the refreshing, crisp taste of just-bitten apples. Delivering the refreshing, crisp taste of just-bitten apples with a light to medium body. A new mid-strength cider for all occasions.

Also Available

Foreign Keg

MOLSTEN COORS Staropramen 5.0%



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Coopers Tavern is in the Burton-on-Trent & South Derbyshire CAMRA branch area.