Coach & Horses
Wellingborough, NN8 4HY

Coach & Horses
Wellingborough, NN8 4HY

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Elgood's - Route 66

Route 66 - 4.4%

Route 66


4.4% abv

An American Pale Ale brewed with all US hops; Comet, Chinook and US Cascade for a pale hop forward beer with a hoppy aroma, good mouthfeel and a refreshing taste.

Brew York - Fennec

Fennec - 3.4%


Brew York

3.4% abv

This super approachable beer uses classic British hops to produce a well rounded and easily drinkable beer. Smooth and refreshing this blonde ale is ideal for supping in the sun, probably followed by another!

Craft Keg Available

Cloudwater - Happy

Happy - 3.4%



3.4% abv

Citrusy, soft, juicy low-ABV pale ale. A beautiful marriage of modern softness and traditional drinkability. Vegan friendly.

Fierce - Fierce XPA

Fierce XPA - 4%

Fierce XPA


4% abv

An accessible hazy extra pale ale hopped with New Zealand hops to deliver subtle notes of gooseberry, citrus and stone fruit. Vegan friendly.

Tiny Rebel - Citrus Punch

Citrus Punch - 4.5%

Citrus Punch

Tiny Rebel

4.5% abv

The cold fermented Citra hops gives the liquid its bold citrus and tropical flavours, but is balanced out with the use of Nelson hops, giving the IPA its mild bitterness, making this citrus punch the perfect combination of bittersweet! Vegan friendly.

Fierce & Noble - Session IPA

Session IPA - 4.2%

Session IPA

Fierce & Noble

4.2% abv

This refreshing, zesty IPA defines sessionable. Cascade, Centennial, Chinook and Citra pair with a generous dry hop of Mosaic to deliver a variety of distinct flavours from citrus fruit to subtle piney and floral layers. Vegan friendly.

Flowerhorn - Capo

Capo - 5.1%



5.1% abv

This is our flagship beer. Brewed with oats to give a smooth, silky mouthfeel with lots of body. Heavily dry hopped with Citra to give a zesty citrus explosion in your mouth. The end result is a fruity, hazy, low IBU pale ale.

Brew York - Calmer Chameleon

Calmer Chameleon - 3.4%

Calmer Chameleon

Brew York

3.4% abv

The green dream of hyper juicy and resinous hops Columbus, Mosaic, Simcoe and Idaho 7 uniting in a super smashable pale ale.

Tiny Rebel - Sweet Chin Music

Sweet Chin Music - 4.8%

Sweet Chin Music

Tiny Rebel

4.8% abv

A strawberry Swiss meringue sour. This beer will make you feel like Shawn Michaels has used his ‘sweet chin music’ move to upper kick your taste buds into turbo mode. Sweet strawberries magnify the liquid’sacidity, which is then accompanied by the smooth, silky and dense textures that come with Swiss meringues! Contains lactose.

Beavertown - Gamma Ray

Gamma Ray - 5.4%

Gamma Ray


5.4% abv

The concept was to create a juicy tropical beer. A brew you can sit on and drink all day, rammed with juicy malts and huge tropical aromas of mango and grapefruit. Massive additions of American hops are added to the whirlpool giving huge hop flavour. The beer is then dry hopped for days, driving the punchy aromas so you can smell it from miles away!

Beavertown - Neck Oil

Neck Oil - 4.3%

Neck Oil


4.3% abv

A light and zingy go to IPA. Extra pale base malts are used to keep it crisp and give the hops a great platform to dance on. Masses of hop additions during the whirlpool and a huge dose of dry hops make this a brilliantly 'easy' IPA. Hops: Columbus, Centennial, Simcoe, Amarillo, Galaxy, Vic Secret and Mosaic. Vegan friendly.

Salt - Jute

Jute - 4.2%



4.2% abv

A crisp, light and refreshing session IPA, brewed from pale, wheat and oat malts. Thirst-quenching and moderately bitter, hop aromas of citrus and tropical fruits come from generous quantities of Mosaic, Ella and Vic Secret added to the kettle and as a dry hop.

Brixton - Low Voltage IPA

Low Voltage IPA - 4.3%

Low Voltage IPA


4.3% abv

This is the laid-back, lower ABV sibling to our flagship Electric IPA. It may be more relaxed but we've still packed in loads of personality from full-flavoured hops like Mosaic, Simcoe and Columbus. We've crafted a brew to keep you going and keep you interested. All the flavour of an IPA at session strength. Easy drinking with a powerful tropical hop hit.

Camden Town - Hells

Hells - 4.6%


Camden Town

4.6% abv

Hells is the lovechild of our two favourite German beer styles - Helles and Pilsner. Clean, crisp and dry, it's the beer we always wanted to drink and the reason we started our brewery. We hope you agree.

Camden Town - Pale Ale

Pale Ale - 4%

Pale Ale

Camden Town

4% abv

Like the Queen wearing dirty sneakers, it's traditionally British with a rock star twist of American hops, giving citrus and tropical fruit, a round body and a drink-me-faster bitterness.

BrewDog - Lost Lager

Lost Lager - 4.7%

Lost Lager


4.7% abv

This is a dry-hopped Pilsner made with classic German Saphir hops, giving vibrant citrus and stone-fruit notes. Built from Bavarian yeast, it has a crisp clean taste. This is lager like it was, like it should be, like it will be. Lager is back!

Ciders & Perries Available

Snails Bank - Pineapple & Pink Grapefruit

Pineapple & Pink Grapefruit - 4%

Pineapple & Pink Grapefruit

Snails Bank

4% abv

Artisan cider made by selecting the best local fruit combined with years of experience to craft ciders that our traditional, yet suit the modern palate. The sweet tasty Pineapple is balanced out by the tangy Grapefruit. English cider with a tropical twist!

Pulp - Apple

Apple - 4.7%



4.7% abv

The orchard apples are a mix of Herefordshires finest. We have used a blend of real cider apples, bitter sharps and bitter sweets to which are added some desert varieties to make a zesty medium dry and very refreshing cider.

Celtic Marches - Loubi Lou

Loubi Lou - 4%

Loubi Lou

Celtic Marches

4% abv

Medium Herefordshire craft cider liberally imparted with pomegranate and rose. The orchard and the garden to give a quintessential taste of summer.

Hecks - Browns Apple

Browns Apple - 6%

Browns Apple


6% abv

Bred in Devon the early part of the 20th century, Browns has been at the fore front of the cider revival for recent years due to its trouble free nature. It produces a crisp, acidic cider with elderflower over-tones. Medium sweet.

Farmer Jims - Raspberry

Raspberry - 4%


Farmer Jims

4% abv

Light juicy cider with crisp raspberry juice.

Saxby's - 3 Point 9

3 Point 9 - 3.9%

3 Point 9


3.9% abv

Our lighter alcohol cider, 3 Point 9 is a thirst-quenching, very drinkable, session cider.

Saxby's - Sour Cherry

Sour Cherry - 4%

Sour Cherry


4% abv

Saxby’s Original Cider blended with sour cherry juice. You can taste the apples and the sour cherries. Fresh, thirst quenching and truly delicious.

Saxby's - Cloudy Rhubarb Cider

Cloudy Rhubarb Cider - 3.5%

Cloudy Rhubarb Cider


3.5% abv

Saxby's Cloudy Rhubarb Cider is blended with real Yorkshire rhubarb giving a subtle sweet finish.

Healeys - Rattler Original (No Longer Available)

Rattler Original (No Longer Available) - 6%

Rattler Original (No Longer Available)


6% abv

Named after the feisty Cornish Rattler apple and blended with Healey's know-how, our Rattler Cyder has the crisp, fresh flavour you crave.

Orchard Pig - Reveller

Reveller - 4.5%


Orchard Pig

4.5% abv

Reveller is a celebration of Somerset! The generous apple aroma draws you into a crisp, refreshing cider with a tangy note of freshly squeezed lime in the finish. The gentle sparkle enhances the flavours giving a light, moreish cider - less bubbles means more apples.

Also Available


Tiny Rebel CLWB tropicana

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Coach & Horses is in the Northamptonshire CAMRA branch area.