Cat And Lantern
Test Pub, EH2 5SQ

Cat And Lantern
Test Pub, EH2 5SQ

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Titanic - Black Ice

Black Ice - 4.1%

Black Ice


4.1% abv

£4.20 pint

Still deep in the grip of winter this sumptuous warming beer is sufficiently well hopped to provide balance, which can come in handy when there's black ice around.

£4.20 pint

Donzoko - Black Mass

Black Mass - 5.6%

Black Mass


5.6% abv

£5.00 pint

A vegan sweet stout with freshly roasted coffee and real vanilla. A huge grainbill, thick, decadent and roasty. Close your eyes, take a pew.

£5.00 pint

Oakham - Triple Beam

Triple Beam - 5%

Triple Beam


5% abv

£2.10 pint

This new pale golden IPA offers exciting fruity hop flavours, with rich bitterness and fruit from its Summit hops combining seamlessly with the spicy, zesty characteristics delivered by its Columbus hops. Hops: Columbus and Summit.

£2.10 pint

Wantsum - Single Hop - Most

Single Hop - Most - 4.2%

Single Hop - Most


4.2% abv

Part of our Single Hop Series, this beer showcases Most hops.

Roosters - London Thunder

London Thunder - 4.2%

London Thunder


4.2% abv

£4.10 pint

A classic approach to a style of beer first developed in Victorian London. Roasted malt and chocolate flavours are abound in London Thunder; a smooth, dark porter brewed using a blend of 7 malts and English hops. Vegan friendly.

£4.10 pint

Titanic - Plum Porter

Plum Porter - 4.9%

Plum Porter


4.9% abv

£4.20 pint

This beer is dark strong and well rounded; the richness of such a rotund beer is brought to an even keel by the late addition of Goldings hops and natural plum flavouring. Take the opportunity and go for the low hanging fruit, this sumptuous beer really is a plum!

£4.20 pint

Bang The Elephant - Electric Worry

Electric Worry - 6%

Electric Worry

Bang The Elephant

6% abv

£4.20 pint

Black IPA, Roasty dark malt meets West Coast hops and bitterness.

£4.20 pint

Craft Keg Available

Nailmaker - Imperial Stout

Imperial Stout - 8.8%

Imperial Stout


8.8% abv

£3.50 pint

A rich Imperial Stout, bursting with luxurious roasted coffee and bitter cocoa bean flavours, a lingering caramel finish and a sweet liquorice aroma.

£3.50 pint

Ciders & Perries Available

East Stour Cider - Chilli Cider

Chilli Cider - 6%

Chilli Cider

East Stour Cider

6% abv

£2.56 pint

Another weird but wonderful cider. Fresh chillis blended with a sweet cider producing a unique flavour. Warms you from the inside. Perfect on a winter's evening.

£2.56 pint

Lilley's - Apples & Pears

Apples & Pears - 5.2%

Apples & Pears


5.2% abv

£3.80 pint

Made from 88% pear and 12% apple. Sweet in flavour with a mouth-watering almost exotic taste.

£3.80 pint

Seacider - Bakewell Tart

Bakewell Tart - 4%

Bakewell Tart


4% abv

£4.00 pint

Cherry juice and almonds mixed with delicious medium Sussex cider gives a very moreish sweet tasting craft cider.

£4.00 pint

Coming Soon

Wychwood - Hobgoblin Red

Hobgoblin Red - 5%

Hobgoblin Red


5% abv

This new ruby ale’s blend of all-English malt and hops delivers a complex fruity nose and balanced flavour, resulting in a rich, full-bodied character. Hops: Fuggles, Goldings and Progress.

Titanic - Avalon

Avalon - 4.8%



4.8% abv

£3.99 pint

Just in time for Independence Day, Avalon uses all American hops to mark the key American date. A distinctive beer which is orange in colour with floral notes on the nose and citrusy tastes on the palette.

£3.99 pint

Four Candles - American Pale

American Pale - 4.8%

American Pale

Four Candles

4.8% abv

Pale ale brewed with American hops.

Thornbridge - Jaipur

Jaipur - 5.9%



5.9% abv

£4.20 pint

A citrus dominated India Pale Ale, its immediate impression is soft and smooth yet builds to a crescendo of massive hoppiness accentuated by honey. An enduring, bitter finish.

£4.20 pint

Somersby - Apple Cider

Apple Cider - 4.5%

Apple Cider


4.5% abv

£3.99 pint

Easy drinking apple cider with a unique balanced taste. Pleasant sparkling sweetness with a fruity and sour balance for a very refreshing drink.

£3.99 pint

Also Available

Foreign Keg

ABK Helles 5.0%


Bright satisfying beer.

Foreign Cans

5 Elementos Abyssal 6th Anniversary Edition 10.8%


No Description.


A Brewery Some Other Can Of Beer 4.5%


Test description goes here

A Brewery A Brewery Perfect Beer 14.5%


Testing the app.

National Draught

Guinness Guinness 4.5%


Irish keg stout


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Cat And Lantern is in the Edinburgh & SE Scotland CAMRA branch area.