Blackened Sun Brewing Co
Milton Keynes, MK12 6HP

Blackened Sun Brewing Co
Milton Keynes, MK12 6HP

Craft Keg Available

Craft Keg Available

Blackened Sun - Mintnight

Mintnight - 5.5%


Blackened Sun

5.5% abv

Choc/mint milk stout. Inspired by our favourite chocolate and mint confectionery, a smooth and silky milk stout that creates the platform to infuse chocolate and mint. It's opulent, rich, sweet and very moreish.

Blackened Sun - Betrayer

Betrayer - 6.5%


Blackened Sun

6.5% abv

Piney, resiny, bitter, fruity with sweet malt flavours is what we like about West Coast IPA. This beer certainly ticks all the boxes.

Blackened Sun - Defector

Defector - 4.5%


Blackened Sun

4.5% abv

Easy drinking, crisp, light, heavily hopped West Coast pale ale. Punchy flavours and aromas of fruity citrus and pine. A go to beer any time. Vegan friendly.

Blackened Sun - Coven

Coven - 3.5%


Blackened Sun

3.5% abv

From starting life as a little hoppy saison to becoming a lower ABV Belgian pale ale, this beer has certainly evolved and improved over the last 3 years. A simple malt base is paired with fruity, citrus and tropical hops combined with our in house Belgian yeast blend. The result is a clean, crisp and refreshing, an excellent alternative to session pales.

Blackened Sun - Luna

Luna - 5.2%


Blackened Sun

5.2% abv

A dark, brooding Saison with a roasted, malty flavour and distinct coffee overtones. This clandestine Saison is like no other you will have ever tasted. It is a seasonal brew that is only available for a limited period so make sure you find the time to experience its dark side.

Blackened Sun - Awakening

Awakening - 5.7%


Blackened Sun

5.7% abv

This beer was originally an ever-evolving Belgian IPA, changing the hops with every batch. However, after brewing this recipe we decided it was too good to change. Well balanced with big hop flavours of fruit, citrus and pine and a Belgian ester yeast profile, it's an excellent example of an alternative interpretation of IPA.

Coming Soon

Blackened Sun - Hedone

Hedone - 3.6% (keg)

Hedone (keg)

Blackened Sun

3.6% abv

Hedone Saison (Greek personification of pleasure) is a sessionable beer made with British malt and hops and traditional saison yeast. Light and refreshing with a spicy, fruity yeast character and notes of citrus and berries from the hops. Hédoné demonstrates that lower alcohol beers do not have to be devoid of flavour.


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Blackened Sun Brewing Co is in the Milton Keynes & N Bucks CAMRA branch area.