Blackedge Brewery Tap
Westhoughton, BL5 3AG

Blackedge Brewery Tap
Westhoughton, BL5 3AG

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Blackedge - NZP3

NZP3 - 3.9%



3.9% abv

An oatmeal pale beer hopped with three varieties of New Zealand hops.

Blackedge - Motueka

Motueka - 4.3%



4.3% abv

A New Zealand pale ale, single hopped with Motueka hops. Clean and refreshing with lemon, lime and floral aromas.

Blackedge - Pike

Pike - 4%



4% abv

A pale golden ale well hopped with US Cascade, Summit and UK Pioneer hops. Plenty of citrus sweet hop flavours and aromas and a lasting bitter finish.

Blackedge - IPA

IPA - 4.7%



4.7% abv

Generously hopped with four varieties of American hops. Full bodied, full flavoured and well balanced, hoppy and intensely citrus with a grapefruit aroma.

Blackedge - Black

Black - 4%



4% abv

A full-bodied chocolate stout. Smooth roasted flavour with hints of chocolate and sweet coffee aroma. A special blend of hops is added to give added spicy liquorice undertones. A real depth of flavour.

Craft Keg Available

Blackedge - Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations - 4.2%

Good Vibrations


4.2% abv

A soft hazy West Coast pale hopped with Citra, Mosaic and Cascade to give a tropical juicy burst of mango, lime, lychee and blueberry.

Avid - Whoopass

Whoopass - 7%



7% abv

Double dry hopped with Mosaic, Citra, Amarillo and Sultana hops.

Blackedge - Porterville

Porterville - 6%



6% abv

A rich porter lightly hopped and brewed with damson and blackcurrants to give a rich decadent jammy fruity flavour from the damson's with a hint of acidity from the blackcurrants.

Blackedge - Neon Lights

Neon Lights - 4.2%

Neon Lights


4.2% abv

A sessionable German style Pilsner, clean, refreshing and delightfully floral. Naturally carbonated, unfined and unfiltered.

Blackedge - Walk On The Water

Walk On The Water - 6%

Walk On The Water


6% abv

A pale golden hoppy New Zealand Pale bursting with tropical fruit, soft fruit and a hint of lime.

Blackedge - Cool The Engines

Cool The Engines - 5%

Cool The Engines


5% abv

A hazy New England pale beer hopped with Citra, Mosaic, Cascade and Summit to give a full bodied tropical flavour of mango, passionfruit, lime and grapefruit.

Blackedge - Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields - 4.1%

Strawberry Fields


4.1% abv

A fruited Belgian style strawberry wheat beer, made with over 300kg of fresh strawberries giving it a naturally juicy and refreshing taste without being overly sweet.

Blackedge - Helles

Helles - 5%



5% abv

An English twist on a German classic. A Munchener Helles Lager, golden in colour, clean and crisp with a hint of sweet maltiness.

Ciders & Perries Available

Gwatkin - No Bull

No Bull - 4.5%

No Bull


4.5% abv

Orange-brown in colour and has an appley aroma together with some vanilla tones. A smooth but sweet toffee-apple taste leads to mild tannins on the aftertaste and a rounded finish. An easy-to drink medium sweet cider that would appeal to most cider drinkers.

Lilley's - Gladiator

Gladiator - 8.4%



8.4% abv

This strong rustic cider with its Roman flair has everything. Well rounded, fruity, packed full of flavour and intoxicatingly easy to drink for an 8.5% cider. Medium.

Lilley's - Colider

Colider - 4%



4% abv

A collision between our crisp Somerset cider and our own premium cola. Smooth and refreshing with hints of caramel.

Lilley's - Cheeky Pig

Cheeky Pig - 7.5%

Cheeky Pig


7.5% abv

Lilley's still medium/dry blended perry and cider packed full of crisp refreshing flavour.

Snails Bank - Peach Melba

Peach Melba - 4%

Peach Melba

Snails Bank

4% abv

Succulent juicy peach cider rippled with sharp raspberry.

Lilley's - Rhubarb Cider

Rhubarb Cider - 4%

Rhubarb Cider


4% abv

We have expertly blended our crisp Somerset Cider and tangy rhubarb to make this taste sensation. Sweet and full of rhubarb flavour with a tart edge to it.

Oliver's - Draught Cider

Draught Cider - 6.5%

Draught Cider


6.5% abv

Award-winning dry cider.

Lilley's - Fire Dancer

Fire Dancer - 4.5%

Fire Dancer


4.5% abv

A traditional cloudy cider, with a rich rosy colour. This cider has been packed full of apples to really allow the taste to come through.

Coming Soon

Blackedge - East Coast

East Coast - 4.1%

East Coast


4.1% abv

An East Coast IPA fully flavoured with Azacca and Simcoe hops to give a mango, orange and passionfruit flavour with a hint of pine.

Rivington - A Message To You

A Message To You - 5.2% (keg)

A Message To You (keg)


5.2% abv

Soft pale ale with Motueka, Sabro and Azacca Cryo hops.

Lilley's - Pina Colada

Pina Colada - 4%

Pina Colada


4% abv

You'll never get caught in the rain with this deliciously fresh and cool Pina Colada cider. Pineapple, rum, and coconut are all blended with our crisp Somerset cider. Escape with this smooth, sweet and summery delight. Perfect when served over ice with a fresh pineapple wedge to garnish.


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Blackedge Brewery Tap is in the Bolton CAMRA branch area.