Big Bog Brewery Tap
Liverpool, L24 9PB

Big Bog Brewery Tap
Liverpool, L24 9PB

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Big Bog - Blueberry Hill

Blueberry Hill - 4.5%

Blueberry Hill

Big Bog

4.5% abv

A dark and rich flavoured porter made with real blueberries to give an attractive colour and subtle, smooth blueberry twist.

Big Bog - Quagmire

Quagmire - 6%


Big Bog

6% abv

A strong but deceptively easy-drinking six percenter! Mid-brown in colour with a medium to high bitterness from Wye Challenger and Fuggles hops.

Big Bog - Harlequin

Harlequin - 4.3%


Big Bog

4.3% abv

From our single hop range we bring you Harlequin, a British IPA. Harlequin is a dual purpose UK hop variety, that produces subtle fruit flavours and aromas of passion fruit, peach and pineapple.

Big Bog - Padi

Padi - 3.7%


Big Bog

3.7% abv

A pale ale brewed using extra pale malts, flaked rice and wheat with plenty of Citra hops for that full citrus hit.

Craft Keg Available

Strawberry Fields - Fab Four

Fab Four - 4%

Fab Four

Strawberry Fields

4% abv

This pale and bright Pilsner lager, is brewed with Saaz and Northern Brewer hops, resulting in a refreshing and crisp beer.

Strawberry Fields - Yellow Submarine

Yellow Submarine - 4.7%

Yellow Submarine

Strawberry Fields

4.7% abv

A yellow IPA using BarthHaas hop blend 'Yellow Sub'. The Yellow Sub hop turns a fine and excellent hop aroma into a sweet, fruity Flamenco of apricot and orange, with a hint of blackberries, which makes this beer irresistible.

Strawberry Fields - Penny Lane

Penny Lane - 4.2%

Penny Lane

Strawberry Fields

4.2% abv

Showcasing a six-hop plethora of punchy hop varieties from America and Australia. It is fresh, unfined and very lightly filtered, keeping as many juicy, fruity flavours in the beer as possible. This sessionable craft beer is also vegan friendly.


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Big Bog Brewery Tap is in the Liverpool & District CAMRA branch area.