Beer In Hand
Hereford, HR4 0AP

Beer In Hand
Hereford, HR4 0AP

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Bristol Beer Factory - Optimist

Optimist - 4.4%


Bristol Beer Factory

4.4% abv

Absolutely banging pale ale with a smack of Mosaic hop flavour that particularly brings out bubblegum, apple and tropical fruit notes. 30% Vienna malt is used to add a touch of sweetness.

Five Points - Best - Fuggles

Best - Fuggles - 4.1%

Best - Fuggles

Five Points

4.1% abv

A single-hopped Best Bitter, brewed with Fuggles hops from Hukins Hops. Refreshing and smooth, Best has notes of caramel and biscuit, and a lovely grassy, herbal freshness that makes you want to reach for another one.

Good Chemistry - Idaho Smash

Idaho Smash - 4.8%

Idaho Smash

Good Chemistry

4.8% abv

The latest brew in our ‘Single Malt And Single Hop’ series showcasing US hop - Idaho 7. Soft and juicy pale ale with a subtle piney resiny dankness and notes of stone fruit, papaya and lychee. Vegan friendly.

Craft Keg Available

Burnt Mill - Bitter Falls

Bitter Falls - 5.5%

Bitter Falls

Burnt Mill

5.5% abv

A West Coast Pale, delivering juicy citrus and pine and supported by a malt base that delivers a crisp profile rounded out by a refreshing bitterness.

Lucky 7 - Hefeweizen

Hefeweizen - 5.5%


Lucky 7

5.5% abv

A soft, hazy wheat beer with big fruity, spicy esters. Brewed with Citra, Amarillo, and Cascade hops.

Verdant - The Experiment Requires A Conclusion

The Experiment Requires A Conclusion - 6%

The Experiment Requires A Conclusion


6% abv

A sessionable highly hopped IPA with Citra, Galaxy and Nectaron. This collaboration with our friends and partners at Pressure Drop signals the conclusion of our experiment.

Floc. - Roses

Roses - 6.2%



6.2% abv

New England style IPA brewed with Mosaic and Nelson Sauvin hops. Hazy and tropical with aromas of white wine, gooseberry, and passion fruit. A beautiful medley of citrusy tangerine and juicy mango flavours, complemented by a soft, pillowy mouthfeel. Vegan friendly.

Arbor - Petit Dejeuner

Petit Dejeuner - 4.7%

Petit Dejeuner


4.7% abv

Session strength breakfast stout brewed with Santos coffee and cacao nibs.

New Bristol - Summacrush

Summacrush - 4%


New Bristol

4% abv

Juicy, fruity, soft and sunny IPA - our everyday, all day crush! Hazy with low bitterness. Hops: Galaxy and Mosaic. Vegan friendly.

Ciders & Perries Available

Ross On Wye - Oak Cask Dabinett & Harry Masters Jersey Blend

Oak Cask Dabinett & Harry Masters Jersey Blend - 7%

Oak Cask Dabinett & Harry Masters Jersey Blend

Ross On Wye

7% abv

A blend of 2021 oak cask Dabinett with 2022 Harry Masters Jersey, resulting in a masterful tannic lead blend of apple flavours and oak cask influence.

Gwatkin - Red Diesel

Red Diesel - 4%

Red Diesel


4% abv

Our cider blended with strawberry juice to create a sweet, refreshing drink.

Oliver's - Shezam

Shezam - 6%



6% abv

Medium easy drinking cider made in small batches, using hand picked fruit with minimal intervention. Please note ABV may vary.

Oliver's - Yarlington Mill

Yarlington Mill - 5.8%

Yarlington Mill


5.8% abv

The Yarlington Mill Cider is 95% Yarlington Mill and 5% Foxwhelp Cider has been added for acidity. Classic earthy yet floral aromatics with pushy ripe apple and spice taste. Blend of barrel and tank cider inn this blend. Please note the ABV for this cider varies with each batch.

Ross On Wye - 2022 Smooth Jazz Blend

2022 Smooth Jazz Blend - 5.8%

2022 Smooth Jazz Blend

Ross On Wye

5.8% abv

A complex, layered cider blend of Bisquet, Ashton Bitter, Reinette d’Obry and Sweet Coppin. Each different apple brings a unique flavour to this gentle and light cider that’s very easy to drink in the summer, and at the most helpful ABV of all our 2022 ciders.

Oliver's - Traditional Perry

Traditional Perry - 6%

Traditional Perry


6% abv

Vintage Perry pear varietals like Blakeney Red, Gin, Oldfield and Red Longden give an off dry slightly honeyed citrus combo with glimpses of rhubarb and gooseberry with hints of elderflower and melon. Full flavoured with a big mouthfeel. Please note the ABV changes with each batch but is usually between 5.8-6.2%.

Oliver's - Making Hay

Making Hay - 6.3%

Making Hay


6.3% abv

A medium sweet still draught cider. Fruity but robust with good acidity and full mouthfeel. Appley and rich.

Newton Court - Gasping Goose

Gasping Goose - 5.8%

Gasping Goose

Newton Court

5.8% abv

Made from a blend of cider varieties including Yarlington Mill, Dabinett and Harry Masters, Gasping Goose is a well-balanced, golden, medium-bodied cider. The “Goose” is crafted from organic apples grown to Soil Association standards in Newton Court Farm’s orchards, resulting in an easy-to-drink cider, perfect for any season.

Ross On Wye - Birdbarker

Birdbarker - 5.7%


Ross On Wye

5.7% abv

Refreshing and crisp medium sparkling cider. A perfect everyday cider with balanced sharpness and sweetness to quench your thirst.

Coming Soon

Five Points - XPA

XPA - 4%


Five Points

4% abv

Juicy and tropical, even paler and hoppier than our flagship Five Points Pale. Dry hopped with Citra and Galaxy hops.

Buxton - Best Bitter

Best Bitter - 4.2%

Best Bitter


4.2% abv

A classic Best Bitter, hopped with Fuggles and Challenger, featuring a robust malt backbone and pleasingly bitter sweet finish.

Duration - Time Bender

Time Bender - 4.4%

Time Bender


4.4% abv

A smooth pint on a rounded malt base with a light finishing bitterness. A dry-hopped pale ale with Cashmere hops to give perfect balance in a refreshing session beer time after time.

Verdant - Passing Thoughts

Passing Thoughts - 6.5% (keg)

Passing Thoughts (keg)


6.5% abv

An IPA brewed with new season selected Nectaron hops paired with Mosaic and a newer Aussie variety, Eclipse, combine to produce strong notes of tangerine, pineapple and peppery mango. Collaboration with Beak.

Arbor - Massive Azacc

Massive Azacc - 5.4% (keg)

Massive Azacc (keg)


5.4% abv

Delicious New England pale ale brewed with Azacca, Citra and El Dorado hops.

Lucky 7 - Beertrix Porter

Beertrix Porter - 4.2% (keg)

Beertrix Porter (keg)

Lucky 7

4.2% abv

A smooth porter brewed with a variety of malted grains, cocoa nibs, vanilla, and muscavado sugar.

Bristol Beer Factory - Infinity Helles Lager

Infinity Helles Lager - 4.6% (keg)

Infinity Helles Lager (keg)

Bristol Beer Factory

4.6% abv

A lager, designed to be infinitely sessionable. A refreshing, pale-golden Helles brewed with authentic German ingredients to ensure the smoothness, balance and complexity of the style.

Oliver's - Wild Farmhouse

Wild Farmhouse - 6%

Wild Farmhouse


6% abv

This is a blend of bittersweet cider apples like Yarlington Mill, Dabinett, Ellis Bitter and sharp Foxwhelp apples. It gives a rich, full tasting cider with real body and a drying finish, tasting of apple skins and the aroma of traditional apple orchards in autumn.

Ross On Wye - 2022 Ellis Bitter Blend

2022 Ellis Bitter Blend - 6.7%

2022 Ellis Bitter Blend

Ross On Wye

6.7% abv

Very tasty early season cider made up from Ellis Bitter, Ashton Bitter and Foxwhelp. Exceptionally fruity, gentle acidity, fruit forward, strong characterful tannins, very drinkable cider at a remarkably sessionable natural ABV.

Oliver's - Classic Perry

Classic Perry - 6%

Classic Perry


6% abv

Beautifully fruity medium sweet draught Perry, blended from the best Perry pears of the 2019 harvest.


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Beer In Hand is in the Herefordshire CAMRA branch area.