Barking Cat Alehouse
Poole, BH14 9BY

Barking Cat Alehouse
Poole, BH14 9BY

Cask beers available

Cask beers available

Coffee Stout - 5%

Coffee Stout

Brewers Folly

5% abv

Full bodied and rich stout from a blend of 8 different malts, giving you a smooth and silky mouth feel. With freshly roasted coffee beans from a local roaster only 1 mile away from the brewery, these were added to the primary fermenter leading to a pleasant aroma and leaving you with a taste off coffee.

Kaleidoscope - 6.5%


Vibrant Forest

6.5% abv

Our flagship beer, this IPA has a warm malty backbone and a beautiful amber colour. We dry hop it to oblivion with American hops resulting in a giant tropical explosion and a gentle bitterness on the finish.

Amber Necker - 3.8%

Amber Necker


3.8% abv

A sparkling tranquil amber colour. A great session beer with a smooth and creamy texture and a fantastic hoppy aftertaste.

Corbel - 5.5%


Eight Arch

5.5% abv

This is how an IPA should be - packed with lashings of hops with aromas of mango and pineapple backed up with a thirst quenching bitterness.

Square Logic - 4.2%

Square Logic

Eight Arch

4.2% abv

Super crushable pale brewed with some of our favourite fruit filled hops on a bed of pale, Vienna malt and flaked oats for a smooth base.

Winter Warmer - 5.3%

Winter Warmer


5.3% abv

Special English Bitter: A complex grist of malts gives this Winter Warmer a nutty quality with some toffee notes and stewed fruit balancing out the malts.

HSB - 4.8%



4.8% abv

A silky-smooth premium ale, Horndean Special Bitter was originally the flagship beer of Gales Brewery in Hampshire. First launched in 1959, it’s still brewed with the same passion and pride today – and the age-old recipe continues to go down a storm. Brewed with the finest malt and hops, HSB imparts the rich, soft-fruit flavours of traditional Dundee cake. It’s a tawny, russet coloured beer, with malt and raisin on the nose – and a gentle sweetness that lingers long into the silky smooth finish.

Hophead - 3.8%


Dark Star

3.8% abv

An extremely clean-drinking pale golden ale with a strong floral aroma and elderflower notes from the Cascade hops.

Craft Keg available

Smash & Grab - 8.5%

Smash & Grab


8.5% abv

An explosive hob bomb of juicy goodness. Crammed full of fruity tropical and citrus flavours from only the freshest, tastiest hops; this big hitting double IPA takes taste to the next level. With smooth malty depths to match its huge hoppy highs, this finish is smooth, sharp and moreish.

Hang Loose - 7%

Hang Loose


7% abv

Get barrelled by bombs of Cascade and Centennial hops and spat out by that classic West Coast bitterness. Piney and fruity with plenty of juice, expect gnarly swells of bodacious flavour. Collaboration with Magic Rock Brewing.

Hop, Skip & Juice - 5.7%

Hop, Skip & Juice


5.7% abv

A tropical pale ale with heavy doses of citrussy Simcoe to get lips hopping. A delicate drop of Citra BBC to start mouths skipping, and enough juice all round to leave you jumping through to the sort bitter finish. Collaboration with Marble Brewery.

Single Origin Stout: Colombian - 5%

Single Origin Stout: Colombian

Castle Rock

5% abv

Brewed with huge amounts of Colombian Excelso roasted locally at Stewart's Coffee in Nottingham. This stout is a showcase of the coffee, with a roast malt base allowing lots of room for the coffee to shine.

Sticky Toffee Pudding - 6%

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Castle Rock

6% abv

A decadent dessert beer. Itense caramel and toffee flavours from a complex blend of sugars, syrups, molasses and malts, all bought in touch with creamy vanilla custard.

Lager - 4%


Dark Star

4% abv

Made with German lager malt, this low bitterness, clean and crisp lager is brewed using Polaris hops for bittering and Hallertau Mittelfruh hops for aroma.

Fruli - 4.1%



4.1% abv

Fruli is a high quality Strawberry Belgian fruit beer, produced at a craft brewery near Ghent. It is a unique blend of white beer and strawberry juice. The juice complements the zestiness of the wheat beer and the result is a balanced and refreshing beer that is packed with strawberry fruit flavour.

Pilsener - 4.8%



4.8% abv

One of the finest examples of German Pilsner brewed using natural spring water from its own mountain. It has a delicate dry and clean palate, fine carbonated body, slight bitterness and a light citrus finish. Brewed in Sauerland, near Dortmund, to the German Purity Law 1516.

Ciders & Perries available

Rocky Road - 6.4%

Rocky Road


6.4% abv

A medium cider with smooth and rounded flavours and spicy apple-pie notes. To create ciders of great depth and roundness, its important to blend a number of apple varieties and Rocky Road is a great example of this art.

Lemon Meringue Pie - 4%

Lemon Meringue Pie


4% abv

A genuine taste of lemon meringue made from lemons and apples - creating a delicious lemony cider!

Bakewell Tart - 4%

Bakewell Tart


4% abv

Limited edition Bakewell tart flavoured cider.

Mango Cider - 4%

Mango Cider


4% abv

An indulgent rich and fruity blend of our Somerset cider and lndian mango imparting a finely balanced medium sweet taste with an invitingly fragrant aroma.

Salted Caramel Cider - 4%

Salted Caramel Cider

Dudda's Tun

4% abv

Bang on trend. This sumptuous blend of cider and caramel, with just a hint of salt to soften the acidity is a massive hit with those who have a sweeter tooth. Golden in colour, with a sweet caramel aroma, this moreish cider will keep heads turning… and pints serving.

Raspberry Ripple - 4%

Raspberry Ripple

Snails Bank

4% abv

Medium apple cider, sweet tangy raspberry and a whirl of vanilla.

Dry Cider - 5.2%

Dry Cider

Cornish Orchards

5.2% abv

A natural tasting apple cider full of West-country character. A blend of specially selected bittersweet and dessert apples to give a long dry finish.

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