Ayrshire Real Ale Festival 2022
Troon, KA10 6EJ

Ayrshire Real Ale Festival 2022
Troon, KA10 6EJ

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Mosaik - Mosaik Blonde

Mosaik Blonde - 4.1%

Mosaik Blonde


4.1% abv

Awaiting tasting notes from brewery.

Manchester - Factory Pale Ale

Factory Pale Ale - 4%

Factory Pale Ale


4% abv

Back to the original 100% Citra recipe - bone dry, straw coloured, decent bitterness, gentle tropical fruit aroma.

Dunham Massey - Dunham Porter

Dunham Porter - 5.2%

Dunham Porter

Dunham Massey

5.2% abv

Classic old style English porter. Dark, creamy, full bodied and packed with flavour.

Cairngorm - Cairngorm IPA

Cairngorm IPA - 5%

Cairngorm IPA


5% abv

A full on New World hop explosion. Citra and Willamette hops gives pine, tropical and citrus fruit aromas combining with subtle malt undertones to create a golden pale ale with a mouth-watering finish.

Big Clock - Ruby 100

Ruby 100 - 5.3%

Ruby 100

Big Clock

5.3% abv

A very traditional bitter in its colour and finish with 6 different hops added at three stages for great flavour and nose. Medium to high bitterness, full of flavour and body.

Kelburn - Dark Moor

Dark Moor - 4.5%

Dark Moor


4.5% abv

Smooth, dark and dangerous, this ale is designed to warm the cockles of your heart whilst sitting around the ingle after a long cold winter's day outdoors. Although dark and and robust the aftertones of liquorice and blackcurrant make this an ale of complex character, not to be missed.

Woodforde's - Volt IPA

Volt IPA - 4.5%

Volt IPA


4.5% abv

Send your taste buds into overdrive with our beer that has some serious voltage! This IPA is crafted to spark your taste buds. The best American hops are all piled into this beer. Shock the system!

Dargavel - Swatch Oyer Sasquatch

Swatch Oyer Sasquatch - 4.8%

Swatch Oyer Sasquatch


4.8% abv

Light coloured American Pale Ale. Pleasantly hoppy carrying flavours of pine, citrus and tropical fruit.

Windswept - Wolf

Wolf - 6%



6% abv

A dark and powerful brew named after the Wolf of Badenoch, infamous for burning down Elgin cathedral in 1390. Enjoy by a roaring fire!

Fyne - Everyone Loves Talus

Everyone Loves Talus - 3.8%

Everyone Loves Talus


3.8% abv

Single-hopped session pale with Talus hops. Grapefruit, floral and stone fruit notes with prominent aroma of tangerine and dried orange peel, low bitterness, crisp and fresh tasting.

Manchester - Cut Like a Buffalo

Cut Like a Buffalo - 4.5%

Cut Like a Buffalo


4.5% abv

Why did we name our APA after a Dead Weather track? Because it's a banging track, that's why! A whole heap of Centennial and Cascade hops over a caramel-sweet, golden malt base, Buffalo is a grapefruit marmalade of a beer . . . not for those with a fear of hops!

Roosters - Baby-Faced Assassin

Baby-Faced Assassin - 6.1%

Baby-Faced Assassin


6.1% abv

Brewed with 100% Citra hops that create aromas of mango, apricot, grapefruit and mandarin orange, along with a lasting, juicy, tropical fruit bitterness, Baby-Faced Assassin is a deceptively drinkable India Pale Ale that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Vegan friendly.

Timothy Taylor - Landlord Dark

Landlord Dark - 4.3%

Landlord Dark

Timothy Taylor

4.3% abv

A dark, strong beer that has a reputation as a Winter Warmer. Wholesome and satisfying, this mellow beer has body and depth, leaving a pleasant fruity afterglow. Mild chocolate and roasty malts, with a bit of citrus. Light but very pleasant and well balanced. A perfect dark mild for session drinking.

Serious - Goldrush

Goldrush - 5.6%



5.6% abv

Goldrush is a golden pale ale brewed with British hops and fermented with a Belgian Abbaye yeast.

Marble - Manchester Bitter

Manchester Bitter - 4.2%

Manchester Bitter


4.2% abv

Our most traditional core beer is inspired by a Manchester stalwart; a fondly-remembered original. Speciality malt gives the deep golden colour and robust base, balanced by crisp bitterness and a floral, lemony aroma.

Salamander - Anaconda

Anaconda - 4%



4% abv

A new light golden bitter has slid into our range. Fruity flavours are countered by spicy undertones, all courtesy of the hops used, which include Fuggles and Citra.

Six Degrees North - Wallride

Wallride - 3.5%


Six Degrees North

3.5% abv

A light amber beer with a big hit of Citra and Enigma to give a big tropical hit.

Three Peaks - Ingleborough Gold

Ingleborough Gold - 4%

Ingleborough Gold

Three Peaks

4% abv

A golden ale which is hoppy throughout with a fruity aroma.

Windswept - Poseidon

Poseidon - 4%



4% abv

IP-8? It's not a new beer style, just a celebration of the arrival of the Poseidon P-8A aircraft to Lossiemouth. The beer is a gorgeous session IPA with fantastic citrus flavours coming from the Amarillo hops and sweet orange peel.

Harviestoun - Schiehallion

Schiehallion - 4.8%



4.8% abv

The perfectly-paired combination of wheat malt and lager malt is our secret sauce for this 'Champagne of Lagers', providing an elegant head, luscious lacing and crisp palate. A lingering, fresh grapefruity finish from whole, pressed hop cones tops it off.

Stancill - Sophie

Sophie - 3.8%



3.8% abv

Our new bitter blonde special made with all English hops. Sophie is a traditional style ale with familiar notes of honey to perfectly temper the malty bitterness for a comforting, well balanced pint.

Loch Lomond - Southern Summit

Southern Summit - 4%

Southern Summit

Loch Lomond

4% abv

This ale proved so popular that we decided to keep it as a regular. Light blonde but highly hopped with Summit and Citra hops.

West Berkshire - Maharaja IPA

Maharaja IPA - 5.1%

Maharaja IPA

West Berkshire

5.1% abv

This is our full-bodied New World hopped jaw-dropper of an IPA with full on tropical fruit flavours, mouth-watering bitterness and a rich earthy finish.

Thornbridge - Jaipur

Jaipur - 5.9%



5.9% abv

A citrus dominated India Pale Ale, its immediate impression is soft and smooth yet builds to a crescendo of massive hoppiness accentuated by honey. An enduring, bitter finish.

Cloudwater - SoCal

SoCal - 4.8%



4.8% abv

A crisp modern Pale Ale that replicates the very best of the West Coast.

Blackedge - Calypso

Calypso - 4.1%



4.1% abv

A sessionable Blonde beer hopped with Huell Melon and Calypso hops giving flavours of melon, strawberry, apricot, pear, apple and peach.

Black Isle - Porter

Porter - 4.6%


Black Isle

4.6% abv

A premium full-bodied ruby black beer with notes of treacle and coffee. As straight forward in style as it comes. Chocolate malt and oats for flavour and mouthfeel with a smattering of Pacific Gem for bittering.

Stewart - Ernest

Ernest - 4.3%



4.3% abv

This single hop pale ale champions the British Ernest hop. It is a well-rounded, full bodied pale with tangerine and woody hints on the noise with a crisp cedar finish.

Dargavel - Moo-Lin Rouge

Moo-Lin Rouge - 5%

Moo-Lin Rouge


5% abv

Dark red heartwarming ale brewed with a selection of rye malts to give flavours of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg with crackles of black pepper. With specially selected hops to compliment these flavours we give you a unique Scottish red ale.

Dunham Massey - Ruby Sunset

Ruby Sunset - 4.1%

Ruby Sunset

Dunham Massey

4.1% abv

A ruby red beer, light and refreshing with a caramel malt flavour. Fairly hoppy, with citrus and blackcurrant on the finish.

Blackjack - Irk Street Pale

Irk Street Pale - 4%

Irk Street Pale


4% abv

Amarillo and Citra do the talking here. A stripped back pale malt base gives centre stage to two of our favourite hops. Brewed for easy drinking and good times, so good we named it after breweries cobbled Street that's been our home for the last ten years.

Hop Back - Summer Lightning

Summer Lightning - 5%

Summer Lightning

Hop Back

5% abv

The original Summer ale brewed all year round. An extremely pleasant bitter, straw coloured beer with a terrific fresh, hoppy aroma. This, coupled with an intense bitterness, leads to an excellent long, dry finish. Probably the beer to receive the most awards in Britain!

Bowland - Bumble

Bumble - 4%



4% abv

Blonde Ale lightly hopped with a double addition of honey for a subtle summery sweetness.

Kelburn - Jaguar

Jaguar - 4.5%



4.5% abv

A golden, full bodied ale with undertones of grapefruit and a long lasting citrus, hoppy aftertaste. This beer has bite!

Arbor - Bandulu

Bandulu - 7.2%



7.2% abv

To celebrate 10 years of Bandulu Records label we've brewed Bandulu Foregin Extra, inspired by the export stouts that go hand in hand with the West Indian sound system culture that helped shape Bristol's musical landscape.

Bridgehouse - Holy Cow

Holy Cow - 5.6%

Holy Cow


5.6% abv

Amber coloured - Sweet fruity start balanced by a warming hoppy finish.

Sulwath - Galloway Gold

Galloway Gold - 5%

Galloway Gold


5% abv

A superlative lager with full refreshing taste. Utilising best lager and wheat malts with continental hops, which leave a hint of citrus on the palate.

Beath - Hurry Boy, It’s Waiting There For You

Hurry Boy, It’s Waiting There For You - 4.5%

Hurry Boy, It’s Waiting There For You


4.5% abv

With fruity aromas, blueberry, gooseberry, bubble gum, blackcurrant, lemongrass and chillies from African Queen hops, smooth pale with a slightly bitter finish.

Marble - Marble Stout

Marble Stout - 5.7%

Marble Stout


5.7% abv

Roasty and robust. It is deep, dark and rich, with layers of malty complexity to be unravelled with each sip.

Squawk - Pavo

Pavo - 3.8%



3.8% abv

Pale Ale dry-hopped with Chinook and Mosaic, with Mosaic leaf at flame out for aroma.

Thirst Class - Mosaic Pale

Mosaic Pale - 4.7%

Mosaic Pale

Thirst Class

4.7% abv

A pale and hoppy beer single hopped with US Mosaic. Fresh tropical flavours of mango, stone fruits and berries.

Broughton - Glasgow Cross

Glasgow Cross - 5%

Glasgow Cross


5% abv

A golden IPA, fruity with a citrus aroma and a grapefruit bitter aftertaste. A collaboration brew with Glasgow J D Wetherspoon in support of CLIC Sargent.

Windswept - Mistral

Mistral - 3.7%



3.7% abv

This gluten-free beer is highly refreshing with light hop flavours and fruity aromas. We break down the gluten during the brewing process to ensure it reaches 20ppm or below - the safe level for a gluten-free diet.

Tiny Rebel - 93 'Til Infinity

93 'Til Infinity - 4.5%

93 'Til Infinity

Tiny Rebel

4.5% abv

Time to take a step back and chill with this crisp, light and refreshing cask IPA. Keeping it simple by marrying together Strata and Citra offers a light glimmer of haze with tropical citrus flavours with a herbal undertone.

Kirkby Lonsdale - Crafty Mild

Crafty Mild - 3.6%

Crafty Mild

Kirkby Lonsdale

3.6% abv

Our modern incarnation of the traditional mild, brewed with rich, dark malts and delicately hopped for a very moorish beer.

Strange Times - Mad King Sweeney Red Ale

Mad King Sweeney Red Ale - 4.6%

Mad King Sweeney Red Ale

Strange Times

4.6% abv

Inspired by the turbulent life of Buile Suibhne, our Irish red ale is smooth and balanced enough to calm ever the mad King himself.

Salopian - Hubbub

Hubbub - 5.3%



5.3% abv

A hazy sunshine pale, bursting with flavours across fusillades of tropical fruit and grapefruit that flourish over a prickle of pine and light floral herbal notes. Fulfilling and refreshing.

Alechemy - Ten Storey Malt Bomb

Ten Storey Malt Bomb - 4.5%

Ten Storey Malt Bomb


4.5% abv

Pouring a dark brown with bright flashes of red when it hits sunlight, this gorgeous Scottish ale, which uses ten kinds of malts, carries flavours of caramel and fruit loaf. A smokiness carries onto a nose that has a woody, nutty quality that adds brilliantly to the brew's wintry feel. Hops: Tettnang.

Thirst Class - Afraid Of Sunlight

Afraid Of Sunlight - 5.7%

Afraid Of Sunlight

Thirst Class

5.7% abv

Our hoppiest beer yet! We've steeped El Dorado and Galaxy in the brew kettle and dry hopped with Citra and Simcoe to produce this pale IPA with bold tropical fruit flavours and a piney undertone.

Cairngorm - Trade Winds

Trade Winds - 4.3%

Trade Winds


4.3% abv

Award winning new recipe. A light golden colour with a high proportion of wheat and corn giving it a clean fresh taste on top of which there is masses of hop, fruit and citrus flavours with elderflower on the nose.

Loch Lomond - Take Me With You I Can See

Take Me With You I Can See - 4%

Take Me With You I Can See

Loch Lomond

4% abv

A cask lager with huge grassy notes followed by a sweet malt base and dry finish.

Wild Beer - Wild Vibes

Wild Vibes - 4.7%

Wild Vibes

Wild Beer

4.7% abv

We have taken our Rolling Pils Lager and dry hopped it with both a traditional German hop called Saaz and a punchy American hop called Talus. This combo gives an amazing piney, spicy and herbal note to the beer.

Charnwood - Carousel

Carousel - 4.2%



4.2% abv

Amber colours and citrus hops make this well rounded bitter a fair attraction! Late hopped with three American hops give a citrus aroma and tropical fruit finish.

Marble - Lagonda IPA

Lagonda IPA - 5%

Lagonda IPA


5% abv

An India pale ale with a golden malt base complimenting a quadruple addition of hops. All of which precede a floral and bitter finish. A proud contemporary classic, just like its name sake the 1927 Lagonda.

Settle - Attermire Pale

Attermire Pale - 4.3%

Attermire Pale


4.3% abv

Hoppy citrus flavours are perfectly balanced with earthy bitterness in this classic premium pale ale.

Hawkshead - Prime Porter

Prime Porter - 4.9%

Prime Porter


4.9% abv

A dark, ruby brown, rich, complex beer with aromas of dark chocolate, treacle sweet flavours, roasted bitterness and a surprising fruitiness from a medley of English and American hops. Previously known as Brodie's Prime.

Sulwath - Black Galloway

Black Galloway - 4.4%

Black Galloway


4.4% abv

A robust porter/stout which derives its colour from the abundance of Maris Otter barley and chocolate malts used in the brewing process.

Handsome - Hound

Hound - 4%



4% abv

This English IPA has been brewed for Wainwrights Animal Shelter and donations from every sale will go to their organisation. The beer has the traditional bitterness of an English IPA combined with the floral hops for added flavour and taste of freshly cut grass.

Abbeydale - Deception

Deception - 4.1%



4.1% abv

A pale beer, made with fabulous Nelson Sauvin hops. Aromas of elderflower and grapes. Strong citrus flavours, especially grapefruit. Long lasting bitter finish. Very refreshing and packed full of flavour.

Reedley Hallows - New Zealand Pale

New Zealand Pale - 4.5%

New Zealand Pale

Reedley Hallows

4.5% abv

A New Zealand Pale Ale with hints of lemon, lime and a vanilla aftertaste.

Loch Lomond - Silkie Stout

Silkie Stout - 5%

Silkie Stout

Loch Lomond

5% abv

This award-winning black oatmeal stout has an inviting roast coffee aroma, leading to a robust and rich chocolate flavour, balanced by subtle hop notes and rounded off with a smooth, creamy finish.

Blackedge - Dark Mild

Dark Mild - 3.9%

Dark Mild


3.9% abv

Dark as the night, lightly hopped with a smooth caramel, chocolate flavour with a hint of liquorice and blackcurrant. SIBA NW Cask Competition Overall Champion Beer Silver Award 2016.

Dunham Massey - Chocolate Cherry Mild

Chocolate Cherry Mild - 3.8%

Chocolate Cherry Mild

Dunham Massey

3.8% abv

Multi-award winning speciality beer with all the class of Dunham Dark, with a dry hint of cherry that cuts through the malt flavours.

Arran - Dark

Dark - 4.3%



4.3% abv

Arran Dark is a smooth dark beer brewed from the purest water and natural ingredients - free from artificial additives and preservatives, naturally. Rich caramel malts and subtle hop flavours blend seamless together with a clean, fruity finish.

Mosaik - Session IPA

Session IPA - 3.8%

Session IPA


3.8% abv

A session IPA with notes of stone fruit and pine, it's a real easy drinker.

Wily Fox - Dark Flagon

Dark Flagon - 4.4%

Dark Flagon

Wily Fox

4.4% abv

A traditional porter made from a blend of the finest Maris Otter, Chocolate and crystal malts. then Muscovado sugar and Molasses are added to provide a Rum finish to the rich Coffee and dark Chocolate base. English hops are used to enhance and balance this complex malt character, resulting in a supremely quaffable beer. A beer to help you through the depths of winter!

Pictish - Brewer's Gold

Brewer's Gold - 3.8%

Brewer's Gold


3.8% abv

A refreshing thirst quenching pale golden session beer. Malty undertones and a powerful spicy hop aroma combine to produce a dangerously moreish beer.

Hophurst - Porteresque

Porteresque - 5.5%



5.5% abv

A luxurious full bodied milkshake porter with flavours of chocolate and a smooth milky sweetness to finish.

Ayr - Death & Dr Hornbook

Death & Dr Hornbook - 7.2%

Death & Dr Hornbook


7.2% abv

Brewed with pale and wheat malts, Celeia and Mount Hood hops, Belgian candi cugar and freshly cracked coriander seeds added at the end of the boil. Complex blonde with hints of sweet custard, vanilla, banana, pineapple and honey.

Swannay - Orkney Best

Orkney Best - 3.6%

Orkney Best


3.6% abv

A very refreshing, easy drinking Orkney light ale. Hopped with American and Polish hops early and late in the copper. Our old school session beer.

Five Kingdoms - Tonderghie Pale

Tonderghie Pale - 4.3%

Tonderghie Pale

Five Kingdoms

4.3% abv

Light, floral seasonal pale ale using fresh local Bramling Cross, Early Bird Goldings, Phoenix and Fuggles hops from our garden.

Ayr - Rabbie's Porter

Rabbie's Porter - 4.3%

Rabbie's Porter


4.3% abv

Brewed using Challenger and Pioneer hops from the UK with Crystal and Chocolate Malts to produce this robust, full bodied ale. The nose has Roast Coffee, Gingerbread and Chocolate. The palate is of Currant Fruit and Molasses becoming creamier towards the long warming finish.

Coach House - ClIPAty Hop

ClIPAty Hop - 4.3%

ClIPAty Hop

Coach House

4.3% abv

An English style IPA, light in colour with a hoppy aroma and flavour but with a well balanced malty finish.

Orkney - Cliff Edge

Cliff Edge - 4.7%

Cliff Edge


4.7% abv

Pale Copper IPA - Intense citrus and piney aromas, tropical fruit then spicy flavours, lasting zesty mouth watering bitterness.

Pictish - Citra

Citra - 4.5%



4.5% abv

A single hopped pale, very hoppy beer brewed using Citra hops which impart citrus and tropical fruit characters to this beer.

Blackjack - West Coast Pale

West Coast Pale - 5.6%

West Coast Pale


5.6% abv

An ode to balance. Honeyed, bitterness, pine, resin and citrus. Inspired the by the hard working pale ale founders of the American craft beer scene. Cascade, Centiennial, Columbus: Need I say more?

Spey Valley - Sunshine on Keith

Sunshine on Keith - 3.5%

Sunshine on Keith

Spey Valley

3.5% abv

A hit from its inception, it's zesty, refreshing and at just 3.5% packs a flavour punch well above its ABV. Using citrusy American hops this has all the hop character of an American IPA but with an alcohol content that will allow you to continue enjoying pint after pint.

Five Kingdoms - Gatsby

Gatsby - 4.3%


Five Kingdoms

4.3% abv

An American session pale ale focused around the El Dorado hop which brings bright tropical fruit flavours and aromas of pineapple, pear, watermelon and stonefruit. Designed as a more sessionable alternative to our Such is Life NEIPA.

Blackedge - Oatmeal Chocolate Stout

Oatmeal Chocolate Stout - 6.4%

Oatmeal Chocolate Stout


6.4% abv

A strong and luscious stout with chocolate overtones. Viscous and warming.

Swannay - Orkney Porter

Orkney Porter - 9%

Orkney Porter


9% abv

Our modern version of the classic porter style. This beer is very dark yet deceivingly delicate on the palate with roasted grains, berry fruits and a hint of smoke lending complexity.

Squawk - Corvus

Corvus - 7.4%



7.4% abv

A deep, multi-layered stout. Eight malts go into making the full bodied stout, with a slight dry hop of Sorachi to give a peppery floweriness that compliments the beer so well.

Orkney - Dark Island

Dark Island - 4.6%

Dark Island


4.6% abv

Hard to categorise as a stout or old ale. Sweetish roast malt taste leads to a long lasting roasted, slightly bitter finish. Rich fruity nose balanced by flavours of chocolate, dried fruit and figs.

Utopian - Bow South West Pale

Bow South West Pale - 4.5%

Bow South West Pale


4.5% abv

The beer is part of our limited edition Bow Brewery team showcase series and has been brewed with 100% British ingredients. A magic combination of Godiva, and Olicana hops gives the beer a fabulous bouquet of stone fruits, spice and citrus set on a classic Maris Otter malt base. Vegan friendly.

Shadow Bridge - Battle Standard

Battle Standard - 3.8%

Battle Standard

Shadow Bridge

3.8% abv

An amber session ale. Gentle and smooth with slightly smoky and sweet undertones.

Skinners - Lushingtons

Lushingtons - 4.2%



4.2% abv

Bursting with fruit, within its bittersweet scent you'll pick up lime and mangoes with a little lychee. And its creamy texture contains a slight strawberry finish.

Tryst - Double Chocolate Porter

Double Chocolate Porter - 4.4%

Double Chocolate Porter


4.4% abv

A rich porter enhanced with velvety chocolate. The base beer is brewed with seven malt varieties to provide a full tasting porter, and a late addition of Belgian chocolate gives a sweet finish.

Thirst Class - Green Bullet Pale Ale

Green Bullet Pale Ale - 4.7%

Green Bullet Pale Ale

Thirst Class

4.7% abv

A traditional style English Pale Ale brewed with a fantastic New Zealand hop; Green Bullet, which is an earthy hop imparting floral flavours to this light coloured beer.

Phoenix - Wobbly Bob

Wobbly Bob - 6%

Wobbly Bob


6% abv

Malt and hop aroma, bitter and hoppy finish.

Blackjack - Bru-1999

Bru-1999 - 5.2%



5.2% abv

We missed our double millennium brew by 1, but it doesn't matter! Bru-1 hops in a hazy pale with loads of pineapple character.

Six Degrees North - Omnium

Omnium - 4.3%


Six Degrees North

4.3% abv

An aromatic New World Session IPA with bold citrus and tropical fruit notes. Dry hopped with a generous dose of Citra, Amarillo, Mosaic and Simcoe, making for a most excellent drinking experience.

Squawk - Mallard

Mallard - 4.5%



4.5% abv

Gluten Free Pale. Our first foray into the world of gluten free goodness! A quaffable hoppy pale ale packed with the classics Citra and Mosaic hops, creating a super quaffable and refreshing pale ale.

North - Sputnik

Sputnik - 5%



5% abv

A hazy American pale ale that has balance at its core. A good malt presence, fermented using traditional english yeast and dry hopped with new world hops, Ekuanot, Columbus and Citra hops. Bold flavours of juicy honeydew melon, citrus grapefruit, ripe mango and a touch of lychee finish with crisp bitterness. The ingredients we use bind together to create an easy drinking pale ale that can be enjoyed by anyone at any time.

Green Duck - Duck Dastardly

Duck Dastardly - 5%

Duck Dastardly

Green Duck

5% abv

A light drinking stout with suble chocolate notes and a rich biscuity character that complements the dandelion and burdock perfectly.

Isle of Skye - Black

Black - 4.5%


Isle of Skye

4.5% abv

The colour comes from dark roasted barley, balanced with just the right amount of sweet, rolled oatmeal. We mill both right here in the brewery, giving us complete control over flavour and freshness. The true taste of malt shines through, balanced by the sweetness of pure Scottish heather honey.

Kirkstall - Abbey Ale

Abbey Ale - 6%

Abbey Ale


6% abv

A very special Prize Ale brewed to celebrate Leeds International Beer Festival 2022 at Kirkstall Abbey. Inspired by Kirkstall Brewery Co (1833-1983)'s Abbey Ale, this strong ale takes cues from Belgian Abbey style beers but uses all English ingredients and West Yorkshire yeast.

Bedlam - Benchmark

Benchmark - 4%



4% abv

Amber coloured ale brewed in a 'Best' tradition, using British hops including Goldings and WGV, malts and yeast with a refreshing bitterness and sweet, fruity notes. A rich character with a hint of chocolate and malted flavours.

Spey Valley - Spey's Cadet

Spey's Cadet - 4.5%

Spey's Cadet

Spey Valley

4.5% abv

A simple, well balanced hybrid IPA. Made with lager and ale malts, for a beautifully balanced IPA-Lager hybrid beer.

Black Isle - Chameleon

Chameleon - 3.6%


Black Isle

3.6% abv

We brewed a cracking session IPA, removed the gluten, and left... well, as far as we can tell, exactly the same beer. Same aroma, same hoppy bitterness, same mouthfeel. A slammable beer with tropical fruit favours and aromas of peach, tangerine and pine.

Stewart - Stewart's 80/-

Stewart's 80/- - 4.4%

Stewart's 80/-


4.4% abv

A full bodied, full flavoured auburn coloured classic heavy that was originally brewed for the world famous Athletic Arms (Diggers) in Edinburgh. It is easy drinking with aromas of malt, light hops and fruit to compliment it's smooth and creamy texture.

Dargavel - Talus Chief

Talus Chief - 4.2%

Talus Chief


4.2% abv

Pale coloured hazy sessional double dry-hopped IPA, bursting with fruity flavours of tropical fruit, tangerine and stone fruits. Hops: Talus.

Marble - Earl Grey IPA

Earl Grey IPA - 6.8%

Earl Grey IPA


6.8% abv

Kees Bubberman (now of Brouwerij Kees) and John de Vries (now of Brouwerij de Molen) joined us originally to brew this smooth and citrusy India Pale Ale, which is fermented with timed additions of Earl Grey tea during fermentation, heavy infused hopping and traditional cask maturing. The result is a citrus fruit aroma, smooth sleek texture, hop notes are brilliantly complimented by bergamot and a light tannic finish.

Rudgate - York Chocolate Stout

York Chocolate Stout - 5%

York Chocolate Stout


5% abv

A deep rich, satisfying premium stout with complex balanced flavours and a warm subtle chocolate finish.

Hophurst - Wolf

Wolf - 4%



4% abv

Slovenian hopped pale ale with lots of Dragon and Wolf hops to give tropical fruit and mango flavours with a lovely floral finish.

Serious - Moonlight

Moonlight - 4.5%



4.5% abv

Moonlight is our award winning oatmeal stout with chocolate notes and a bitter hop finish.

Zest - Heavenly Blonde

Heavenly Blonde - 3.8%

Heavenly Blonde


3.8% abv

Blonde ale packed with zesty, super-refreshing tropical fruits.

Craven - EFA

EFA - 4.2%



4.2% abv

Extra Fine Ale - A blend of US hops produce a clean, crisp and refreshing pale ale.

Distant Hills - Bukhara

Bukhara - 5.8%


Distant Hills

5.8% abv

A crisp, refreshing India Pale Ale inspired by the Uzbekistan region where juniper berry grows, that features in the beer. It takes your breath away with notes of strawberry and blackcurrant from Mandarina Bavaria hops, alongside the fresh juniper berry adjuncts.

Pennine - Hair Of The Dog

Hair Of The Dog - 3.9%

Hair Of The Dog


3.9% abv

A bright sparkling blonde with a delicate roasted caramel flavour and a smooth sweet refreshing aftertaste.

Wylam - Fleek

Fleek - 4.2%



4.2% abv

Citra Amarillo Pale - A virtuously, honourably clean cask conditioned pale ale utilising an adroit yet subtle dimension of cold side hopping. Fresh crop Citra and Amarillo pirouette, gambol and frisk, resonating together in a fresh citrus zest luminosity followed by a soft peach fruit conclusion.

Baker's Dozen - Electric Landlady

Electric Landlady - 5%

Electric Landlady

Baker's Dozen

5% abv

A strong pale ale brewed with US Mosaic hops and then dry hopped to add big citrus and tropical fruit.

Swannay - Orkney IPA

Orkney IPA - 4.8%

Orkney IPA


4.8% abv

India Pale Ales (IPAs) of old were heavily hopped to survive their journey to the colonies. This is Rob's interpretation - believing the hops may have mellowed by arrival.

Cross Borders - Session Pale

Session Pale - 4.2%

Session Pale

Cross Borders

4.2% abv

A light session ale with grapefruit and citrus notes. Made only for cask.

Alechemy - Bad Day at the Office

Bad Day at the Office - 4.5%

Bad Day at the Office


4.5% abv

This delicious tipple is a light golden ale with a heavy hop bitterness and flavoured with a strong fruit and citrus aroma. Hops: Ella and Mosaic.

Wiper and True - Joyful Day

Joyful Day - 4.2%

Joyful Day

Wiper and True

4.2% abv

A cask pale ale hopped with Ekuanot, Mosaic and Simcoe. A touch of lemon and mango skin pithiness. Gentle, soft and smooth.

Fyne - Jarl

Jarl - 3.8%



3.8% abv

Light and golden coloured beer with a strong citrus and hop aroma. Citrus and grassy hop flavours dominate the palate with a light and refreshing dry finish. A superbly drinkable beer.

Fyne - Mixtape IPA #3

Mixtape IPA #3 - 5.2%

Mixtape IPA #3


5.2% abv

Unfined, hazy modern cask IPA. Balanced juicy fruit character with sweet citrus flavour and a long moreish finish. Hops: Citra, Simcoe and UK Cascade.

Tryst - Raj IPA

Raj IPA - 5.5%



5.5% abv

A full-strength traditional India Pale Ale. Hopped with three popular British hops to produce a deep lingering taste, complementing the underlying malts for a memorable pint.

Five Kingdoms - Dark Storm

Dark Storm - 6.9%

Dark Storm

Five Kingdoms

6.9% abv

Our flagship beer and rapidly gaining cult classic status. Our take on stout with its name reflecting its colour and strength. Super smooth, rich and creamy on the palate with a long dry finish. Dangerously easy to drink.

Dunham Massey - Big Tree

Big Tree - 3.9%

Big Tree

Dunham Massey

3.9% abv

A good old fashioned session bitter with a good balance of malt and hops.

Crankshaft - Foggy Gold

Foggy Gold - 4%

Foggy Gold


4% abv

This is a light golden ale with a mix of malts and classic English hops giving a dry, slight fruity but refreshing taste.

Thirst Class - Dwayne Dubbely

Dwayne Dubbely - 6.3%

Dwayne Dubbely

Thirst Class

6.3% abv

A Belgian Dubbel style beer brewed with British hops Bramling Cross for some blackcurrant notes to compliment the malts and Belgian yeast flavours. Collaboration with our good friends at Torrside Brewing.

Alechemy - Charisma

Charisma - 3.7%



3.7% abv

An extra pale ale with a subtle bitterness and a delicate citrus aroma, easy-drinking session IPA. Hops: Mosaic.

Fat Cat - Tom Cat

Tom Cat - 4.1%

Tom Cat

Fat Cat

4.1% abv

A session IPA showcasing the tropical flavours of the Mosaic hop delivering bold and fruity flavours. A hoppy thirst quencher.

Broughton - Old Jock

Old Jock - 6.7%

Old Jock


6.7% abv

A classic Scottish Strong Ale. Surely one of the definitive examples of the Scotch ale style. Rich, dark malty flavour with a deceiving drinkability for its ABV. Also available as a permanent cask ale. Brewed with Optic malt and Roasted Barley and hopped with Challenger, Fuggles, and First Gold.

Black Isle - Anyone Seen My Buffalo?

Anyone Seen My Buffalo? - 7.4%

Anyone Seen My Buffalo?

Black Isle

7.4% abv

Wanting to warm your cockles on a cold day? This barrel-aged Baltic Porter will turbo charge your Walrus. Aged in Buffalo Trace bourbon barrels, this most peculiar of lager styles has been made with one thing in mind; opulent weekends in front of the fire. Or a Tuesday. The choice is yours. It's taken a year to make it, so take time to drink it.

Blackedge - Platinum

Platinum - 4.4%



4.4% abv

An award winning blonde ale hopped with Goldings and Brewers Gold to give a clean refreshing citrus flavour.

Arran - Blonde

Blonde - 5%



5% abv

Delicate floral hop aroma. A subtle, well balanced finish with good character. A pale golden beer, clear tasting, in a continental style.

Beath - Impy

Impy - 10%



10% abv

A strong, chocolate, treacle, sweet imperial stout.

Siren - Broken Dream

Broken Dream - 6.5%

Broken Dream


6.5% abv

A Breakfast Stout with a gentle touch of smoke, chocolate and coffee. Broken Dream is deep and complex. She lurks in your imagination. She binds smoke and coffee aromas with chocolate, milk and oats to create something thick, velvety and slick. She will draw you towards a land of flavour, passion and colour.

Bank Top - Port O'Call

Port O'Call - 5%

Port O'Call

Bank Top

5% abv

A dark and mysterious easy drinking ale with masses of character. Vintage Ruby Port is added to the cask to provide an unusual depth of flavour. One for the connoisseur.

Tryst - Deja Vu

Deja Vu - 3.9%

Deja Vu


3.9% abv

A hoppy pale ale showcasing a unique hop coupling in every batch. Changes every 2 weeks.

Southport - Dark Night

Dark Night - 3.9%

Dark Night


3.9% abv

Our award-winning dark mild. Chocolate and roasted coffee flavours with a nice dry finish. Hopped with Northdown and Mounthood amongst others.

Blue Monkey - Infinity Plus 1

Infinity Plus 1 - 5.6%

Infinity Plus 1

Blue Monkey

5.6% abv

British pale and wheat malts loaded with powerful Citra hops and brewed to 5.6 %, then massively dry hopped again with Citra to give huge punch and aroma, a definite plus one.

Five Kingdoms - Prentice

Prentice - 4.6%


Five Kingdoms

4.6% abv

Our take on a British IPA style brewed with only UK grown hops. Refreshing with a good balance of malt with plenty of hops flavours.

Broughton - Merlin's Ale

Merlin's Ale - 4.2%

Merlin's Ale


4.2% abv

The magic of Merlin lives on in this golden, lightly hopped beer with a biscuit malt character, and a delicate melon hop aroma. As Merlin would say MAGIC!

Track - Sonoma

Sonoma - 3.8%



3.8% abv

A refreshing, sessionable, hazy pale ale to be shared, which shows our love for hops and the pursuit of pale perfection. With a simple malt base and hopped generously with Mosaic, Centennial and Citra it bursts forth with resinous notes of sticky mandarin, grapefruit. It finishes crisp and clean with a soft, pithy bitterness.

Elland - South Sea Pale

South Sea Pale - 4.1%

South Sea Pale


4.1% abv

Brewed with a combination of New Zealand hops, hints of orange marmalade and black pepper flavours and a citrus/tropical aroma.

Ossett - White Rat

White Rat - 4%

White Rat


4% abv

This very pale hoppy ale is made from low colour Maris Otter malt. A combination of three high-alpha American hops produce an intensely aromatic and resinous finish.

Harviestoun - Broken Dial

Broken Dial - 4.5%

Broken Dial


4.5% abv

This gloriously amber coloured ale is made with what is often considered to be the finest hop on the earth, namely the Simcoe Hop. The result is a fantastically fruity finish with distinctly malty undertones. Which our Master Brewer believes is something of a timeless classic.

Bruha - Heritage Pale

Heritage Pale - 4.2%

Heritage Pale


4.2% abv

Our premium pale ale using Heritage East Anglian malted barley combined with malted rye and a combination of modern hops including Cascade, Chinook and Citra to give an aroma of citrus and tropical fruit with a wonderful balanced flavour to celebrate the heritage malt.

Oakham - Inferno

Inferno - 4%



4% abv

This light igniting ale flickers complex fruits across your tongue leaving a dry fruity bitter finish smothering your thirst. Inferno uses a blend of five different hops from the Yakima Valley to create its floral aroma and unique flavour.

Castle Rock - Just Can't Get Enough

Just Can't Get Enough - 4%

Just Can't Get Enough

Castle Rock

4% abv

Delivering citrus and tropical notes in abundance, this session strength hazy pale ale balances refreshing fruit character with a soft and pillowy mouthfeel, followed by the slightest hint of bitterness to finish. Hops: Citra, Mosaic and Simcoe.

Mallinsons - Mosaic Nelson

Mosaic Nelson - 4%

Mosaic Nelson


4% abv

A very pale dual hopped ale with an initial gooseberry nose from late hopping with Nelson Sauvin. Use of Mosaic hops in the earlier bittering stages of the brew give lovely rich complex tropical fruit flavours. These two hops work very well together!

JW Lees - Moonraker

Moonraker - 6.5%


JW Lees

6.5% abv

This classic, ebony-coloured, malty strong ale has a potent, fruity aroma and a powerful, rich, sweet flavour, with generous fruit notes. First brewed in 1950, an award-winning dedicated to a local legend. The story goes that local farmers fell into a pond attempting to rake out a reflection of the moon they mistook for a truckle of Lancashire cheese.

Settle - Plum Porter

Plum Porter - 5.3%

Plum Porter


5.3% abv

Bursting with plummy goodness, this dark, rich porter will get you through these longer nights.

Cross Borders - Heavy

Heavy - 4.1%


Cross Borders

4.1% abv

A sublime modern take on a traditional Scottish style, our malt forward Heavy is definitely not your Dad's 80/-, with the addition of the Bramling Cross hop giving it a slight bite to the finish of this rich and balanced beer.

Moorhouse's - Witchfinder General

Witchfinder General - 4.4%

Witchfinder General


4.4% abv

Full bodied with a strong fruit flavour, this seasonal drink has a moreish quality - delve into the mysterious dark blonde beer.

Cairngorm - Black Gold

Black Gold - 4.4%

Black Gold


4.4% abv

Dark, rich roasty flavours, medium body with a subtle bitterness and hints of sweetness.

Fixed Wheel - Julien

Julien - 4.3%


Fixed Wheel

4.3% abv

Light and refreshing, pale in colour, hopped with Cascade and Equinox, aromas up front of citrus and tropical fruits leading to a sweet citrus flavour throughout.

Isle of Skye - Gold

Gold - 4.3%


Isle of Skye

4.3% abv

The taste of grain has always been a vital part of the Scottish brewing tradition. The result is an ale with the flavour of gentle hops, a creamy head and just the right amount of bitterness.

Serious - Chimera

Chimera - 4%



4% abv

A balanced pale ale created blending 5 grains and 6 hops.

Blackjack - Manchester Stout

Manchester Stout - 4.8%

Manchester Stout


4.8% abv

A stout brewed with 8 total malts for complex but choral roastyness with a small addition of malted oats for an extra bit of velvet drinkability. To the hops, well if you want a true to style icon we've only one choice, UK hops! Meet the 3 British classics: Pilgrim, Phoenix and East Kent Goldings. All add a spicy, earthy and layered peppery pep approach to this complex beer.

Steilhead - Siskin

Siskin - 6%



6% abv

Blended from local apples and is a fresh, appley sharp cider, with little tannin.

Cockeyed - Devon Jasper

Devon Jasper - 5%

Devon Jasper


5% abv

A clear session cider. Crisp and refreshing. Medium in sweetness.

Sandford Orchards - Devon Mist

Devon Mist - 4.5%

Devon Mist

Sandford Orchards

4.5% abv

Made with plenty of scrumpy soul. Not every cloudy cider has to be a challenge, Devon Mist is a gentle joy. Rich autumnal fruit with a perceptible sparkle and satisfying finish.

Farmer Jims - Rhubarb Bob

Rhubarb Bob - 4%

Rhubarb Bob

Farmer Jims

4% abv

This gorgeous coloured cider is one of the most popular and different sweet ciders you can get - medium tangy rhubarb blended with a gentle vanilla sweetness. Like a liquid version of rhubarb crumble and ice cream.

Tolchards - Black Rat Perry

Black Rat Perry - 7.5%

Black Rat Perry


7.5% abv

Traditional Somerset Perry with a true pear aroma starts with a medium sweet taste and is followed by a dry finish.

Dudda's Tun - Perry

Perry - 5.5%


Dudda's Tun

5.5% abv

A well balanced perry with subtle honey notes. Produeced from super ripe Comice pears.

Palmers Upland Cyder - Ty Du

Ty Du - 6.5%

Ty Du

Palmers Upland Cyder

6.5% abv

A clean fruity cyder with a nice dry finish. It is made from a blend of Balls Bittersweet, Blanc Mollet, Stoke Red and Browns apples. Its bone dry and a cyder drinkers proper dry cyder.

Seb's Cider - Red Styre

Red Styre - 6.6%

Red Styre

Seb's Cider

6.6% abv

A medium single variety cider using Red Styre apples.

Celtic Marches - Slack Alice

Slack Alice - 4.6%

Slack Alice

Celtic Marches

4.6% abv

A medium well-rounded yet a little tart 4.6% cider drier than Thundering Molly, still mellow with a very slight tart finish.

Monkey House - Yarlington Mill

Yarlington Mill - 5.2%

Yarlington Mill

Monkey House

5.2% abv

A single-varietal medium cider made from Yarlington Mill apples. Yarlington Mill is a traditional English Apple. A favourite with traditional cider makers because of its outstanding taste. Ground colour is greenish-yellow; smooth, slightly waxy flushed dark red. Flesh is white, sometimes reddened; slightly crisp and sweet. Distinctively large shiny green leaves and striking white blossom. An all round cider of good aroma and flavour.

Monkey House - Festival Black Apple

Festival Black Apple - 7%

Festival Black Apple

Monkey House

7% abv

Fermented from extremely rare Black Diamond apples then matured for 12 months in oak port casks giving a dry oak taste with plenty apple aromas.

Steilhead - Capercaillie (Ledaig)

Capercaillie (Ledaig) - 6.5%

Capercaillie (Ledaig)


6.5% abv

The Capercaille cider is barrel matured for a year and then finished in oak casks.

Tricky - Wizard

Wizard - 6.5%



6.5% abv

Our own blend of 3 popular Somerset cider apples creates a delicious easy to drink cider with a slight haze and medium tannins, fruity, slightly tangy and smooth.

Dorset Nectar - Hunny Bubble

Hunny Bubble - 3.8%

Hunny Bubble

Dorset Nectar

3.8% abv

Clear gold sparkling cider with a hint of honey and sweet apples.

Llanblethian Orchards - Back To Le Pub

Back To Le Pub - 6.6%

Back To Le Pub

Llanblethian Orchards

6.6% abv

A medium-dry cider.

Monkey House - Scottish Raspberry

Scottish Raspberry - 6%

Scottish Raspberry

Monkey House

6% abv

Forget those Scandi fruit cider alcopops! This medium cider has a soft edge but a grown-up flavour. It's fermented in oak barrels from a juice that's 80% Somerset apples and 20% Scottish Raspberry. We press the raspberries ourselves, the apples are the same bittersweet mix as our Somerset cider, but a different Champagne yeast ferments-out fully at 6.0% abv to leave a little sweetness.

Sandford Orchards - Fanny's Bramble

Fanny's Bramble - 4%

Fanny's Bramble

Sandford Orchards

4% abv

A gentle amble out of Sandford towards Shaky Bridge threads along Fanny's Lane. In the autumn the blackberries from it's hedges join local apples in many pies and crumbles. They pluck a few away to add to their own special recipe. We think this is a uniquely fruity and refreshing cider.

Tutts Clump - Rum Cask

Rum Cask - 4%

Rum Cask

Tutts Clump

4% abv

This medium/dry Real Cider is handmade from a variety of eating cooking and crab apples mainly from within West Berkshire which has been fermented and matured in oak rum barrels.

Celtic Marches - Lily the Pink

Lily the Pink - 4.5%

Lily the Pink

Celtic Marches

4.5% abv

A medium fruity cider - gorgeous pink colour - made from 100% cider apples on their Herefordshire farm - intense fruity aroma - very drinkable!!!

Tricky - U.F.O. #4 - Medium

U.F.O. #4 - Medium - 6%

U.F.O. #4 - Medium


6% abv

UFO stands for Unidentified Forgotten Orchard, this cider is made using apples collected from small and privately owned orchards across the Somerset levels. This blend comes from a single orchard on the outskirts of Baltonsborough and contains 3 varieties including Yarlington Mills and Stembridge Jersey, along with a 3rd unknown variety! This medium cider is a deep amber colour smooth and easy drinking with low tannins.

Kent Cider - Yowler

Yowler - 5.2%


Kent Cider

5.2% abv

A dark and fruity, sparkling apple cider, crafted from 100% pressed Kentish apples.

Hunts - Wobbler

Wobbler - 6%



6% abv

This is a classic, traditional, still, medium-sweet cider, with tannins, sweetness and acidity all evident in the pleasing, complex flavour.

Broadoak - Pheasant Plucker

Pheasant Plucker - 4.5%

Pheasant Plucker


4.5% abv

A very apply pleasant to the mouth, yet still farmhouse style cider.

WM Watkins & Sons - Lazy Days

Lazy Days - 5.4%

Lazy Days

WM Watkins & Sons

5.4% abv

Crisp and clean; a fine example of a farmhouse perry.

Cotswold Cider - No Brainer Classic Still

No Brainer Classic Still - 6%

No Brainer Classic Still

Cotswold Cider

6% abv

A dry, still, hazy cider, renowned for its rich, fruity and distinctive quality.

Broadoak - Bristol Port

Bristol Port - 6%

Bristol Port


6% abv

Fruity medium cider with an apple aroma.

Monkey House - Dabinett

Dabinett - 5.4%


Monkey House

5.4% abv

Dabinett is a classic English cider apple variety, which produces a "bittersweet" juice. It is also one of the most reliable and easy cider varieties to grow. Whilst most ciders are created by blending different varieties, Dabinett can also be used to produce as in this case a single-varietal full-bodied medium-dry cider.


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