Artisan Ale House
Chorley, PR7 2AY

Artisan Ale House
Chorley, PR7 2AY

Cask beers available

Cask beers available

Chinook - 4.2%



4.2% abv

American Pale Ale, citrus aroma with an intense grapefruit finish, super high alpha pale ale.

Creme Bearlee - 4.8%

Creme Bearlee


4.8% abv

A luscious stout with rich vanilla and molasses.

Frank Sidebottom’s Timperley Rhubarb Ale - 4%

Frank Sidebottom’s Timperley Rhubarb Ale


4% abv

A fantastic light refreshing session ale with the tangy aromatic essence of Timperley’s world famous early rhubarb. Aromatic on the pour and tangy on the lips. A great drink on a warm summers day served with ice!

Frank Sidebottoms Not Bobbins Bitter - 4%

Frank Sidebottoms Not Bobbins Bitter


4% abv

This is an ace and top session ale with a light golden colour. The malt is Maris Otter (not to be confused with a river otter) brewed with Northern Brewer and Chinook hops to make a firm favourite beverage.

Hoppy Fettler - 4.3%

Hoppy Fettler


4.3% abv

A refreshingly hoppy pale ale, packed with tropical hops from around the globe. The combination of exotic hops is balanced against a moreish malt backdrop. This is a session ale fettled to stand the test of time!

Pikestone IPA - 5.5%

Pikestone IPA


5.5% abv

A globetrotting IPA fusing a plethora of new world hops. Named after the oldest manmade structure in Lancashire, this landmark of an Ale uses a premium malt bill, paired with a range of exotic hops.

Inspirational Ale - 4%

Inspirational Ale


4% abv

A golden ale using Maris otter, Munich and Crystal malt with Chinook, Columbus and Mosaic hops. Brewed to support local community charity Inspire Youth Zone and the thousands of children who call Chorley home.

Craft Keg available

Mango Session Sour - 4.5%

Mango Session Sour

Vault City

4.5% abv

This beer showcases the subtropical Alphonso mango in its juicy, unadulterated form. We used 1.6 tonne of mango in this beer, which turned out not to be enough, so we dropped in another 400kg to make this a 2-tonne monster session sour. Succulent, bold and refreshing mango dominates the aromatics, enhanced by our tropical ester filled sour base beer. Zingy acidity finishes off each mouthful for a lingering tartness that balances the sweet mango. This is outrageous.

Hoppy Little Lager - 3%

Hoppy Little Lager


3% abv

This clean, delicate beer sits somewhere between a Pale Ale and a Lager - an ideal, easy-drinker for nights out with friends, or just moments where you’re craving a beer but need to keep it moving afterwards. Bright citrus flavours lead into a crisp finish with a restrained, zesty bitterness.

R41. TRIo.J + Amplified - 6%

R41. TRIo.J + Amplified

Lost Found

6% abv

The Refractive Index of Juice... A hazy, juicy, New England IPA that is low on bitterness and high in hop profile across the board. Collaboration with The Garden Brewery.

White Ale - 5%

White Ale


5% abv

Witbier with Curacao orange peel, coriander seed, Saaz and Amarillo hops.

Into the Haze - 6.2%

Into the Haze


6.2% abv

Soft, juicy, citrus and tropical fruit laden IPA in our house style. This beer has clean malt structure, peachy yeast esters, and the saturated presence of Citra and Simcoe. Refreshing, clean and beautiful to drink!

Budvar Original - 5%

Budvar Original


5% abv

Brewed and matured for 102 days, about 7 times longer than most other beers and using the finest ingredients: Moravian Malt, Whole cone Saaz hops, Artesian water from a Glacial well directly underneath the brewery and our own strain of yeast. This beer is perfectly balanced and remains independently owned by the Czech people.

Lagonda IPA - 5%

Lagonda IPA


5% abv

An India pale ale with a golden malt base complimenting a quadruple addition of hops. All of which precede a floral and bitter finish. A proud contemporary classic, just like its name sake the 1927 Lagonda.

IPA - 6.3%



6.3% abv

IPA with Citra, Simcoe, Mosaic and Centennial hops.

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