Shifnal, TF11 8DU

Shifnal, TF11 8DU

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Dancing Duck - Donald *uck

Donald *uck - 4.2%

Donald *uck

Dancing Duck

4.2% abv

Heavily hopped with 3 varieties from New Zealand, this pale beer has a complex flavour with notes of tangerine, gooseberry vanilla and lime.

Goffs - White Knight

White Knight - 4.7%

White Knight


4.7% abv

A well hopped bitter with a light colour and full bodied taste. Bitterness predominates in the mouth and leads to a dry, hoppy aftertaste. Deceptively drinkable for it's strength.

BrewDog - Punk IPA

Punk IPA - 5.6%

Punk IPA


5.6% abv

This Trans-Atlantic fusion IPA is light golden in colour with tropical fruits and light caramel on the nose. The palate soon becomes assertive and resinous with the New Zealand hops balanced by the biscuit malt. The finish is aggressive and dry with the hops emerging over the warming alcohol.

Beartown - Kodiak

Kodiak - 4%



4% abv

Well balanced, straw coloured and very drinkable, with citrus fruit and hops aroma and sharper bitter, clean aftertaste. Vegan friendly.

Beartown - Mild 1 - Rum & Raisin Mild

Mild 1 - Rum & Raisin Mild - 3.8%

Mild 1 - Rum & Raisin Mild


3.8% abv

We love a good mild but we live in a subjective world, so to ensure you find a mild to love, we have created you three to try this May. Get your lips around our Rum and Raisin Mild! Vegan friendly.

Oakham - Flag Fen Bronze

Flag Fen Bronze - 4.2%

Flag Fen Bronze


4.2% abv

Featuring Chevallier, a Victorian heritage malt, brewed slowly and gently with the addition of two classic English hop varieties, Goldings and Bullion, to produce a beer that’s a respectful nod to brewing tradition. Chevallier was the dominant barley used in brewing from the 1820’s to 1920’s and has a rich, robust, malty character with hints of marmalade and caramel. Crystal malt has also been used, complementing Chevallier beautifully by adding roasted toffee notes and giving, suitably enough, an attractive amber bronze colour to the finished beer. Hop wise, UK Goldings add lemon, peppery, floral aromas whilst Bullion builds on this with spicy, blackcurrant and hedgerow fruits notes.

Black Country - BFG

BFG - 4.2%


Black Country

4.2% abv

A straw coloured quaffing beer, with an impressive bold citrus hop aroma, fruity balanced sweetness and a lingering refreshing after-taste.

Black Country - Fireside

Fireside - 5%


Black Country

5% abv

A well rounded premium bitter, amber in colour, clean in taste leading to a pleasant dry finish.

Black Country - Pig on the Wall

Pig on the Wall - 4.3%

Pig on the Wall

Black Country

4.3% abv

A refreshing chestnut brown beer with a complex flavour of light hops giving way to a bittersweet blend of roasted malt. Suggestions of chocolate and coffee undertones.

Ciders & Perries Available

Westons - Rosie's Pig Strawberry

Rosie's Pig Strawberry - 4%

Rosie's Pig Strawberry


4% abv

Well balanced cloudy cider with delicious strawberry flavour and hints of added elderflower.

Lilley's - Pina Colada

Pina Colada - 4%

Pina Colada


4% abv

You'll never get caught in the rain with this deliciously fresh and cool Pina Colada cider. Pineapple, rum, and coconut are all blended with our crisp Somerset cider. Escape with this smooth, sweet and summery delight. Perfect when served over ice with a fresh pineapple wedge to garnish.

Coming Soon

Coach House - Blueberry

Blueberry - 5%


Coach House

5% abv

A wonderful straw coloured beer with a light hoppy aroma and a distinct blueberry aftertaste. A multi award winner across the country.

Hop Back - May Fly

May Fly - 4.1%

May Fly

Hop Back

4.1% abv

Hopped with an American hop, Belma, which has been added late-copper to this amber golden ale. Belma imparts fl oral tropical fruit tones, with strawberry and pineapple resonances and a bittersweet finish.

Titanic - Plum Porter

Plum Porter - 4.9%

Plum Porter


4.9% abv

This beer is dark strong and well rounded; the richness of such a rotund beer is brought to an even keel by the late addition of Goldings hops and natural plum flavouring. Take the opportunity and go for the low hanging fruit, this sumptuous beer really is a plum!

BrewDog - Planet Pale

Planet Pale - 4.3%

Planet Pale


4.3% abv

A session-strength pale ale, part of our new Headliner range. This quaffable creation is laced with Columbus, Chinook and Citra hops for a sharp citrus aroma and piney notes that give way to mellow tropical fruits.

Black Country - Citra Sublime

Citra Sublime - 4.5%

Citra Sublime

Black Country

4.5% abv

A refreshing pale ale lifted by a fresh hop character. Hops: Citra.

Hop Back - Crop Circle

Crop Circle - 4.2%

Crop Circle

Hop Back

4.2% abv

A very clean flaxen coloured beer with wonderful thirst quenching properties. The subtle blend of aroma and bittering hops gives a crispness on the tongue which is delicately fruity, giving way to some dryness. Gluten free.

Hop Shed - Frizzle

Frizzle - 4.5%


Hop Shed

4.5% abv

Rich golden in colour with a fruity, floral hop aroma and a significant hoppy bitterness from a combination of Pilgrim, UK Cascade and First Gold hops.

Coach House - Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry Blonde - 4.1%

Strawberry Blonde

Coach House

4.1% abv

A refreshing blonde ale with hints of citrus and grapefruit with an aftertaste of strawberry.

Weal - Fareweal

Fareweal - 4.1%



4.1% abv

Our last beer, a pale ale packed with hoppy memories and labelled with love.

Coach House - Elderflower

Elderflower - 4.1%


Coach House

4.1% abv

A thirst quenching refreshing blonde ale with hints of citrus and grapefruit. The elderflower gives the beer a wonderful floral aroma and further enhances the citrus hops with a slightly sweet aftertaste.

Beowulf - Chasewater

Chasewater - 4.4%



4.4% abv

A pale bitter with a traditioally hoppy flavour and a lingering bitterness.

Peerless - Shabash IPA

Shabash IPA - 5.4%

Shabash IPA


5.4% abv

American hopped IPA, deep golden with hints of tropical fruit and a full lasting citrus finish.

Dancing Duck - Abduction

Abduction - 5.5%


Dancing Duck

5.5% abv

A myriad of tropical fruit flavours in harmonious balance with an enjoyable level of hoppy bitterness, a good malt character and a very clean finish. This a dangerously drinkable 5.5% IPA!

Beartown - Mild 2 - Classic Mild

Mild 2 - Classic Mild - 4.1%

Mild 2 - Classic Mild


4.1% abv

We love a good mild but we live in a subjective world, so to ensure you find a mild to love, we have created you three to try this May. Get your lips around our Classic Mild! Vegan friendly.

Salopian - Kashmir

Kashmir - 5.5% (keg)

Kashmir (keg)


5.5% abv

An elegant strong Salopian version of an IPA, citrus, pines and tropical fruit engulf the palate and caress the senses. A dry body with an extremely long lingering finish.

Westons - Rosie's Pig Raspberry

Rosie's Pig Raspberry - 4%

Rosie's Pig Raspberry


4% abv

A refreshing berry flavour with citrus notes creates a well-balanced easy drinking cider with a fresh finish. A fresh distinctive raspberry aroma with hints of aromatic cucumber.

Lilley's - Raspberry Mojito

Raspberry Mojito - 4%

Raspberry Mojito


4% abv

Cuba meets Somerset. Refreshing raspberry, fresh mint and crisp Somerset cider make this an invigorating summer refresher. Sweet yet tangy, aromatic, and flavourful. Serve over ice with fresh raspberries and mint.


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Anvil is in the Telford & East Shropshire CAMRA branch area.