Alexandra Hotel
Hull, HU3 2AB

Alexandra Hotel
Hull, HU3 2AB

Cask Beers Available

Cask Beers Available

Revolutions - Spanish Bombs

Spanish Bombs - 4.5%

Spanish Bombs


4.5% abv

A deliciously dark liquorice porter with notes of roasted malt.

Mallinsons - Citra

Citra - 4.2%



4.2% abv

Our multi-award winning single hopped beer! This is a very pale ale, brewed using Citra hops. Amazing grapefruit and light mango nose, bitter hoppy citrus taste with a bitter grapefruit and light passion fruit finish. This is slightly stronger version of our usual Citra which is 3.8% abv.

Yorkshire Heart - JRT Best Bitter

JRT Best Bitter - 4.2%

JRT Best Bitter

Yorkshire Heart

4.2% abv

A pint of liquid sunshine, it seduces all the senses. The Syrian Golding hops give extensive aromas of long warm summer days.

Wishbone - Blonde

Blonde - 3.6%



3.6% abv

A European hopped easy drinking blonde beer made to quench the thirst, light in colour, full in flavour with a good balance of bitterness and sweet malt.

Ciders & Perries Available

Hunts - Wobbler

Wobbler - 6%



6% abv

This is a classic, traditional, still, medium-sweet cider, with tannins, sweetness and acidity all evident in the pleasing, complex flavour.

Hunts - Barn Screecher

Barn Screecher - 6.2%

Barn Screecher


6.2% abv

On a clear night, when the moon is full the Barn Owls could be seen hunting the hillside above Hunt's Farm. Their piercing shriek would make the men look up, "Barn Screecher" be hunting tonight beys, pass the dry cider.

Gray's Devon Cider - Medium Blend

Medium Blend - 6.5%

Medium Blend

Gray's Devon Cider

6.5% abv

A slightly sweetened pure, natural, still cider. With a rich golden colour and vibrant fruity flavour, our Medium Cider allows the delicate and mellow flavour of our apples to shine through.

Sampford Courtenay - Grumpy Scrumpy

Grumpy Scrumpy - 6.5%

Grumpy Scrumpy

Sampford Courtenay

6.5% abv

Awaiting tasting notes from brewery.

Skidbrooke Cyder - Vintage

Vintage - 6%


Skidbrooke Cyder

6% abv

The Vintage Cider is a true cider lovers drink. It is the Farmhouse Dry cider decanted into solid oak casks and left until it is more than three years old. It takes on a wine like quality through the absorption of the oak and tannin flavours. It is currently the 2016 vintage cider from the 2015 fruit season: Truly vintage.

Skidbrooke Cyder - General Ludd

General Ludd - 6%

General Ludd

Skidbrooke Cyder

6% abv

Made in the same way as the Farmhouse Dry this cider is a sweeter alternative. General Ludd is a medium cider that maintains the apple flavours of the dry without the full sweetness of the sweet. This Goldilocks factor makes General Ludd our biggest seller.

Skidbrooke Cyder - Farmhouse Dry

Farmhouse Dry - 6%

Farmhouse Dry

Skidbrooke Cyder

6% abv

Made from real apples from our own orchards and from those brought in by local people without any concentrates. It ferments with our own natural yeasts and is rarely ready for sale within one year. The Eastern Counties style lacks the head banging tannins of the West Country cousins and maintains a genuine apple flavour. The depths of flavours reflect the blend of more than 60 apple varieties.

Skidbrooke Cyder - Captain Cobbler

Captain Cobbler - 6%

Captain Cobbler

Skidbrooke Cyder

6% abv

Made in the same way as the Farmhouse Dry, Captain Cobbler is our 'Fun in the sun' sweet offering. Still not as sweet as many commercial ciders, it offers a sweet alternative to the hard 'core' options.

Coming Soon

Yorkshire Heart - Hearty Bitter

Hearty Bitter - 3.7%

Hearty Bitter

Yorkshire Heart

3.7% abv

Chestnut brown in colour with bitter toffee flavours. A classic Yorkshire Bitter.


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Alexandra Hotel is in the Hull & East Yorkshire CAMRA branch area.